Jism 2

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Jism 2

03 Aug, 2012
2 hrs 13 mins
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A porn star is hired by a dashing intelligence officer to become a honey trap for a dreaded assassin. In doing so, she not only has to confront her bitter-sweet past but is also forced to make an impossible choice - one that will put her own life in double jeopardy.
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Jism-2 is a sexy movie - but it`s not as dirty a picture as you might expect. Surprisingly, Jism-2 hovers over sex, like a butterfly gliding across one of the many water pools the movie features. The few times the film does jump in, it lands in the shallow end. That`s despite a hot start featuring amply-endowed Izna (Leone), all red lingerie, glistening high heels, tight suspenders and generous cleavage, riding intelligence bureau (IB) officer Ayaan (Singh) on a hotel room bed. The film`s first make-out scene thus firmly embedded in its first three minutes, Izna wakes to a hangover and an offer. ...Read full review
It takes a special kind of skill to make a film as harebrained as Jism 2. To say that its script is ridden with plot holes is an understatement; the plot itself is like a big, black hole there is no coming out of. Adult film actress Sunny Leone makes her `legit` movie debut starring as porn actress Izna, although it`s hard to say why shes meant to be a porn actress, given that this teeny-weeny detail doesn`t further the plot in any way whatsoever. Or perhaps director Pooja Bhatt doesn`t recognize the difference between a porn actress and a prostitute, because within the first five minutes of the film, Izna has picked up a man at a bar, taken him to a room upstairs and has had sex with him. ...Read full review
The Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) desperately needs a porn star to seduce this assassin and look for his `data.` So they send an honest officer Ayaan to pick up one, sleep with her to see if she`s up to the job, and bring her to Sri Lanka so that the country can be `saved`. Enter porn star-overnight-turned-super spy Izna teetering in high, high red heels and a shocking red lacy bra and panties and black lace stockings. The `mission` has begun. And soon our `mulk` will be saved from the machinations of the `war industry`. ...Read full review
Sex is a lot of things - emotional, exciting, dirty. But boring? Even with Sunny Leone in it? Wow, Bollywood that`s below the belt. Even by your standards. First things first, Leone looks predictably hot, has an easy screen presence but in a role that capitalises on little except her obvious USPs from every conceivable angle, this comes as no surprise. What else? She delivers her lines with the concentration of an impassive newsreader rattling off cue cards on the screen. She has the body but not the racy persona required to hit the sensual notes in the footsteps of a Sharon Stone or Bipasha Basu. ...Read full review

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