Kadvi Hawa
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Kadvi Hawa

24 Nov, 2017
1 hrs 35 mins
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A blind father of a heavily indebted and depressed farmer from the Mahua region, in his pursuit to save the son from committing suicide and save his family, ends up helping the ruthless bank agent aka 'death god' and his family who become victims of a natural calamity.
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Verdict: Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey give one of their best performances ever. From the director of I am Kalam and Jalpari, here comes another movie that will keep you hooked for straight 100 minutes and afterward. Kadvi Hawa deals with the dark effects of climate change and the lives lost because of disasters and []... ...Read full review
Darkly humorous and searing, Kadvi Hawa is a film that will stay with you. The burden of loan on farmers, the shockingly high rate of them committing suicide to escape it all and parents who cannot even manage two square meals for their children - the Nila Madhab Panda film is populated by people who live on the periphery of the world as we know it. ...Read full review
How do you teach a child living in a drought-ridden region the meaning of the word monsoon? An amusing early classroom scene in Kadvi Hawa, in which a teacher asks his students to name the four seasons, encapsulates everything that this film sets out to do: give us reason to think, even while unexpectedly entertaining us in a grim setting. ...Read full review
Gunu Baba (Ranvir Shorey) descends on the village of Mahua like the harbinger of death. As a loan recovery agent, whenever he goes to a village, he claims a few lives of the poor farmers as they commit suicide when they fail to pay back their loans. ...Read full review
Kadvi Hawa has concerns and issues to raise, but they are so powerfully dramatised that even Gulzar`s poetry about climate change may seem a tad square, too narrow a summation for the film`s scale of attack. ...Read full review
Nila Madhab Panda`s Kadvi Hawa is a pill so bitter that no palliative can lessen the sharp aftertaste that it leaves. And that is precisely what this film is meant to do: force the audience to think long and hard about the dangers that lie ahead of mankind if climate change isn`t taken seriously and addressed on a war footing at all levels. ...Read full review
Films on how humans consistently pickle the environment tend to get too academic to hold one`s attention or interest. Which is why a film such as Kadvi Hawa delivers the goods effectively and precisely without hammering it down. ...Read full review
Set in a small village of Rajasthan, Mahua, Kadvi Hawa is the story about an old blind retired farmer, Deu (Sanjai Mishra) and his apprehension towards the drastic climate change due to global warming. His son, Mukund (Bhupesh Singh) has a huge amount of loan to repay to the bank. ...Read full review
A bitter wind blows in the village of Mahua, and it is laden with bad news. The drought-ridden land and parched earth refuses to yield anything, and farmers have no recourse but to borrow or sink. ...Read full review
The plotline is simple, and so is the directors treatment. A village called Mahua has to bear the brunt of climate change which has left the farmers with two choices, to borrow money or die. ...Read full review
The city dwellers would never know what a farmers life is like. Unless one visits a hamlet like the one Nila Madhav Pandas Kadvi Hawa exposes Mahua it is almost impossible to comprehend the complexities of rural India. ...Read full review

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