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Nanu Ki Jaanu

Nanu Ki Jaanu

20 Apr, 2018
2 hrs 13 mins
14,174 votes
5 9646
4 1155
3 1280
2 672
1 1399
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Nanu (played by Abhay Deol), a land mafia agent in Delhi, goes through many up and downs in his life and things become worse for him as he tries to deal with an uninvited guest at his home.
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Verdict: A thrilling comedy-drama with a touch of horror. Abhay Deol who has previously impressed us with his performance in films like Dev D and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is back to the silver screen after two years with a quirky comedy-drama-thriller, Nanu Ki Jaanu, opposite Patralekha Paul. Written by Manu Rishi, this is not []... ...Read full review
A brash land mafia agent in Delhi, Nanu (Abhay Deol) faces a crisis in both his personal and professional life as an unwanted entity occupies a new flat that he wants to usurp. ...Read full review
The film is a remake of the hit Tamil film Pisaasu (2014) directed by Mysskin. The film`s novelty factor was that a ghost falls in love with a young man leading to several misadventures and the Hindi version has faithfully followed the formula. ...Read full review
Touted as one of its own kind afterlife lovestory Nanu Ki Jaanu, is the latest offering by director Faraz Haider who earlier directed War Chodh Na Yaar. Written by actor cum writer Manu Rishi, Nanu Ki Jaanu is anything but hilarious. However, director Faraz tries too hard to make a comic-horror drama but clearly fails to live up to the expectations. ...Read full review
The films narrative revolves around a young woman, Siddhi (Patralekhaa) who loses her life in a freak accident. She falls in love with the man, Nanu (Abhay Deol) who tries his level best to save her life, but couldnt. ...Read full review
Nanu Ki Jaanu is neither funny nor it is scary. But what it is successful in doing so is test your patience throughout its runtime and ultimately leaves you with a cringe. ...Read full review
Nanu (Abhay Deol) is this deadly land mafia who gets involved in a road accident in which Siddhi (Patralekhaa) gets critical. Acting as a good guy, Nanu takes her to the hospital and while in the way Siddhi in a grave condition falls for him. She dies on reaching the hospital leaving her dad in a deep shock. Her dad (Rajesh Sharma) refuses to believe the death of her daughter as he keeps her dead body intact in an ice lid. ...Read full review
A ghost knows the exact reason of her death and it was no accident, as everyone thinks. It was a miscalculation on part of Yamraj, the god of death. Somebody else was supposed to die at that very moment, but that persons wife was really heavy on praying and visiting temples, so our poor girl had to die to keep the register ringing. ...Read full review
Although Abhay Deol is the leading man of Nanu ki Jaanu (Nanus Beloved), the film belongs, in my umble opinion, to Rajesh Sharma. In what appears to be subliminal messaging snuck in by this brilliant character artiste, in a scene towards the end where he is supposed to be weeping, he turns his head gently sideways and gives the impression that he is masking a laugh. ...Read full review
The spirits of two much-abused genres - horror and comedy - are given an unceremonious burial in Nanu Ki Jaanu, a heavy-handed jumble that is both horrific and funny, neither of which is remotely intentional. The Faraz Haider-directed film plods its way through a plot that is as bizarre as hell - a girl who dies in a road mishap turns into a ghost and haunts a conman who picked her up from a pool of blood and rushed her to a hospital - before culminating in an ice factory where the soul of the dead teaches the living a thing or two about life. Cold comfort! ...Read full review
The Abhay Deol, Patralekhaa and Manu Rishi starrer has one or two lines which leave us chortling, and a situation or two which is genuinely surprising: one or two in a film of two hours? You do the math. ...Read full review