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27 Apr, 2018
1 hrs 52 mins
3,998 votes
5 2122
4 995
3 525
2 159
1 185
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The story of Nude is based on an abused housewife who along with her son leaves her home in a small village and goes to Mumbai to live with her aunt in the slums of Mumbai. Whilst in Mumbai she enrolls herself at the Sir JJ School of Arts where she learns the bitter truth about her aunt's source of income.
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Verdict: Nude passes with flying colors and will definitely leave you awestruck. A very famous artist said, ``creativity requires courage`` and it stands true to every word. It isn`t easy being an artist and having an eye for detail. However, what the world isn`t aware of is how difficult it is being art muses and models. []... ...Read full review
Ravi Jadhav is easily the most successful filmmaker in Marathi industry since his debut with Natrang (2009). Since then, he has handled a variety of subjects, from a period biopic to a young romance. If there was a unifying element in his earlier work, it was the commercial approach. Serious content or comedy, all his films were designed to please the mass audience. With Nude, he is experimenting for the first time with a theme suitable for art house cinema. With another eminent filmmaker, Sachin Kundalkar co-writing the screenplay, he has produced a work very relevant to this time and place. ...Read full review
Ravi Jadhav is a household name in Maharashtra. His films, ranging from the national-award winning biopic Balgandharva (2011), to the box office sensation Timepass (2014), have consolidated his reputation as a master of both commercial and art-house cinema. With his latest work Nude, Jadhav makes a powerful statement about the patriarchal Indian mindset that a womans integrity is linked to how she chooses to present her body to the world. ...Read full review
In one of the prime scenes of Nude, Naseeruddin Shah, who plays an established painter in the film, says Kapda jism pe pehna jaata hai, rooh pe nahi. It is a line that says many things and leaves a deep impact on the viewer. In another important scene, Chandrakka (Chhaya Kadam) tells the protagonist Yamuna (Kalyanee Mulay) that the confines of the art classroom where she poses for nude portraits is the safest place for a woman. Despite being nude in front of them, students dont look at you with lust in their eyes, she tells Yamuna. This encapsulates the story of this Ravi Jadhav directorial. ...Read full review
Nude is a film that needs to be understood in two ways. One that is the literal way which is about a middle aged woman Yamuna (Kalyanee Mulye) who after being betrayed by her husband lands up in Mumbai with her son & ends up being a nude model for fine art students at J.J. School of Arts (an iconic art college of our country). The other way is more within the lines. The alternate title used smartly in the promotions of the film Chitra is a sign for this other allegory. An artist at the college (Om Bhutkar) who becomes a silent companion of Yamuna throughout her journey discovers Chitra. Chitra represents the art work that he creates with the help of Yamuna & also the hidden meaning of Nude. ...Read full review
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