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Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

25 May, 2018
2 hrs 10 mins
157,516 votes
5 107510
4 36527
3 9576
2 1852
1 2031
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A failed bureaucrat has to orchestrate the biggest covert operation of India - The nuclear weapons' test. But in order to succeed in his mission he has to trick the American intelligence agencies and fight his own personal battles.
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John Abraham as a producer has always spearheaded with content-driven movies. The 2012 romantic-comedy Vicky Donor remains a golden example of how content can supersede star power. The actor-producer is back with Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran where he plays the lead. WHAT`S PARMANU ABOUT: The movie begins in the year 1995, where Pakistan was strengthening its ties with China and America, leaving I... ...Read full review
In 1995, Ashwath Raina (John Abraham) an IAS officer, suggests that India conduct its own set of nuclear tests to stay ahead in the nuclear race with China and Pakistan. After the initial test fails under pressure from America, Raina gets a second chance in 1998 under the new reign of then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. ...Read full review
On a scorching May afternoon, an American spy, while sitting at an urbane cafe in Jaisalmer, advises his bosses to be careful about some suspicious activities near the nuclear site in Pokhran. He begs to be taken seriously, but the in-charge back home is very confident of the state-of-the-art Lacrosse satellites America uses for surveillance. He believes technology more than the intuition of the on-field agent. It turns out to be one of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of the CIA. ...Read full review
The movie starts with a nonsensical discussion happening in the Prime Ministers Office regarding how China has tested 43 of its nuclear bombs. Ashwat Rana (John Abraham), a junior bureaucrat, comes up with a full proof plan in a floppy (Yes, it was 90s) but gets unheard by the ministers. Hes asked to make a brief report and without his involvement, the plan is conducted and it fails miserably. Hes used as a scapegoat and gets terminated for this failure. ...Read full review
The film is set in the 90s, when there was great political uncertainty after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States of America and China were nuclear powers and Indias neighbouring country, Pakistan was on good terms with both. There were reports that China was also helping Pakistan by supplying them with weapons and bombs. There was pressure on India, too, to form an allegiance. Plus, there was the ever present threat from both sides of the border what with the Chinese testing one bomb after the other. ...Read full review
PARMANU THE STORY OF POKHRAN is the story of those people who secretly carried out a series of nuclear bomb test explosions in Pokhran on May 11, 1998. Ashwath Rana (John Abraham) is from the research department of the Central Government and in 1995, he advises the Prime Ministers Office to conduct nuclear bomb tests in order to achieve supremacy in this field and establish fear among the nuclear powers of the world. ...Read full review
John Abraham plays the architect of the secret operation which was used to fool the American intelligence while India carried out the successful nuclear testing in Pokhran in 1998. Parmanu isnt an action film but a recreation of actual events. India has always portrayed itself as a nation which roots for peace than war. ...Read full review
With bleak subtlety, the Indian film industry has become obsessed with the practice of rubbing unnecessary patriotism on the silver screen, only to instil an obligatory feeling of pride and get their ticket counters ringing. With Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran, Abhishek Sharma has tried his best to convince the audience to trust the film and with all honesty, he did succeed to an extent. ...Read full review
After being delayed by a year and getting mired in controversies, John Abrahams Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran finally saw the light at the box office. Honestly, I was eager to watch out the film at 70 mm screen for two reasons 1- Being John Abrahams return after 2 years. 2- It was about our country, India. ...Read full review
Parmanu plunges into its over-the-top patriotic sentiment from the outset. John Abraham plays the earnest Ashwat Raina, an Indian Administrative Officer, who has a plan called "nuclear peace", which might just put India at par with the United States, China and Pakistan. The plan is implemented half-heartedly, and Ashwat retires to Mussoorie with his family. ...Read full review
John Abraham`s `Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran` has been a talking point ever since its inception. For those who ain`t aware, the film is a reconstruction of one of the most pivotal events in the history of modern India. It documents the 1998 Pokhran II tests in which India sneakily conducted a series of three nuclear bomb test explosions under utmost secrecy right under the nose of the CIA spy satellites. While the film is based on true events, director Abhishek Sharma adds a generous dose of fiction to make it commercially palatable. ...Read full review