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Premji Rise Of A Warrior
A new era Gujarati film

Premji Rise Of A Warrior

10 Jul, 2015
2 hrs 36 mins
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Premji: Rise of A Warrior is a new-age Gujarati film. The film is about a young boy named Premji, born in Kutchi village. His father, Meghji, is considered to be a local hero, with a strong and tough personality, while Premji’s mother is a homemaker, who is loving and caring. Premji is often the topic of all jokes, because of his “feminine” mannerisms and hence, ends up facing inferiority complex because the boys of his age group harasses him. Premji is supported only by her mother Kuwar and his soul mate Pavan, who is the daughter of the village’s Sarpanch. With their strength, Premji survives somehow. But because of the issues he eventually faces, like his father’s suicide and molestation by the evil Raghnath Malan, he completely loses his confidence, and thus, everything that makes him happy.

He leaves the village due to these reasons and goes to Ahmedabad for his graduation. In college, he makes three best friends - Roy, Chitra and Mukesh. Premji starts to regain his confidence because of his friends, and then comes back to the village after 10 years, and finds Raghnath Malan ruling the village, exploiting the people there. Premji, Pavan and Mukesh know that Raghnath is kidnapping kids and there is a huge link between him and the child trafficking racket going on around the nation. Premji decides to fight against this and in this battle, Roy and Chitra help him too. The film has various aesthetics like inspiration, comedy, drama, heroism, the crafting includes various aspects like psychology, mythology, biology, politics, sociology, technology art, culture, tradition, and government.
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