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Srinivasa Kalyana

Srinivasa Kalyana

24 Feb, 2017
2 hrs 08 mins
4,549 votes
5 3705
4 379
3 113
2 38
1 306
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Srinivasa Kalyana is a Kannada Romantic Comedy Film written and directed by M.G Srinivas. It is based on a Philosophical thought on ones search of Moksha (salvation). The protagonist goes through the 6 passions of mind brought to him by a number of romantic relationships, finally attaining Moksha. A complex Philosophical ideology, comically explained in a very simple and practical manner through the life of a young man set in modern times.
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The film looks visually good, dialogues are funny, technically new attempts are seen and in 128 minutes of the film Srinivasa Kalyana director cum hero of the film MG Srinivas has churned out his best. The beginning of the film with cartoons and commentary prepare the audience on the developments. When the narration starts flowing from the point of view of elderly actor Dattanna traveling in a car, audience also get a feel of journey towards Moksha. The Moksha in this case is a cool and decent watch from usual shoddy films. From the point of view of protagonist, it is a girl Moksha who enters in his life after three ditches in his life. ...Read full review
Srinivasa, aka LK Balu, is the regular guy who has his share of trysts with love, lust and heartbreak. The film traces his journey towards finding love and purpose through these encounters. ...Read full review
Who can forget the first ever crush in his/her life, especially if its crushed pretty badly! Some may have second or even third such experience till they finally settle for a better half. However, no matter what, some past does come back to haunt unless one has managed to find the path of moksha! So, the two hours of wait for the wedding which comes right before the climax with a philosophical touch, is what the film is all about. ...Read full review
Srinivasa Kalyana is a light-hearted comedy that chronicles the love affairs of an individual who seems to be forever on the losing side. The idea is not unfamiliar. ...Read full review