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Terminator: Dark Fate

1 Nov, 2019
2 hrs 08 mins
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Skynet`s next target is a young girl named Dani Ramos, and a new Terminator prototype (Rev-9) from the future is sent to kill her. In order to protect Dani from Rev-9, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) teams up with the original Terminator T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and a hybrid cyborg human named Grace.
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Verdict: Linda Hamilton marks her return all guns blazing in this female-empowered sequel. In its first five movies, the main goal of the Terminator series was to save John Connor, the leader of the Resistance who averts the rise of the malevolent artificial intelligence Skynet. Every time a terminator from the future was sent to kill John or prevent his birth altogether by killing his mother S... ...Read full review
The sixth film reunites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton after a lapse of nearly three decades. ...Read full review
Linda Hamilton returns to give the beleaguered series its best sequel in decades. ...Read full review
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is back to battle a deadly new Terminator from the future. ...Read full review