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X: Past Is Present
A unique cinematic project!

X: Past Is Present

20 Nov, 2015
1 hrs 46 mins
545 votes
5 124
4 47
3 104
2 69
1 193
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A filmmaker with a midlife crisis meets a mysterious young girl who reminds him of his first girlfriend at first, and subsequently, of every woman in his life. Who is she? Is she real or imaginary? A stalker or a ghost? His past catching up or a character from the script he is writing? A bold and original take on man-woman relationships, `X: Past Is Present` is a one-of-its-kind feature where 11 Indian filmmakers with strikingly different cinematic styles have come together to make different parts of the same film. One story told through the eyes of 11 unique storytellers.
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The film is a classic example of how organised efforts put together can do wonders. When ten directors embarked together to make a film, they were able to present their tone and genre while fitting their choice of story in it with the given actress in it. No two stories are seen the same and similar is the story of relationship, which has all the elements like pain, passion, trauma, tragedy, etc interwoven perfectly by the directors in the film. ...Read full review
K (Rajat Kapoor) is a not-so-successful filmmaker who has made 20 films in his career that have mostly fared well at the International film festivals but have little recognition in India. At a party, post a film fete, he meets a vivacious young girl who strikes a conversation with him that takes him back through various time frames of his life. He is reminded of all the women in his life and how they contributed to his filmmaking and writing which is now a prime concern since he has no story to tell with no woman in his life. ...Read full review
An intriguing jigsaw puzzle of a film, X: Past Is Present is an experiment that swings from the trippy to the torpid and back, mercifully in a matter of minutes. But for a cinematic pastiche that represents as audacious a leap into the unknown as this, a few quibbles here and there are no big deal. It is a marvel that X: Past Is Present, as a whole, lands firmly on its feet and keeps its balance. With 11 different directors taking turns to narrate a single story about a man who survives a series of failed relationships it delivers a melange of styles, genres and colour palettes. But one thing that X: Past Is Present certainly isn`t is incoherent. ...Read full review
X-Past is Present is about life of a film maker and the women in his life. The one line sounds simple ? But for 11 directors and 11 writers, each story around each woman was told in their own style. Everyone has narrated it with their own perspective of love, sex and relationship. ...Read full review