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28 Feb, 2020
2 hrs 22 mins
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Thappad is a story of a woman who decides to stand up for herself even if it means it`s against her family, her husband and generations of mental conditioning. A slap forms the catalyst for her journey and a metaphor for the stories of many other women caught up in different versions of the same problem.
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Taapsee hits you hard in a film as strong as that thappad. ...Read full review
Thappad isnt a film about a wife teaching her husband not to take her for granted. Its about a woman rediscovering her sense of self, contemplating what is fair and what isnt. ...Read full review
There is not a shred of doubt that Anubhav Sinha has made an important, crucial film, which shows up centuries of male entitlement and damaging sexism for what it is. ...Read full review
Taapsee Pannus most potent film yet is a resounding slap in the face of misogyny. ...Read full review
Thappad hits home. Hard. It stings. It is unmissable. ...Read full review
An impactful social drama that questions the unsaid rules of marriage. ...Read full review
Anubhav Sinha`s thought-provoking Thappad sticks its neck out to say, `Sorry boss, but it IS a big deal. ...Read full review
On the whole, THAPPAD makes a strong statement on patriarchy and violence against women and is laced with a powerful performance by Taapsee Pannu. ...Read full review
Taapsee Pannu`s compelling drama will keep you on the edge of your seat. ...Read full review
This one made me uncomfortable; it made me question myself and I think it will make you too. Its essential viewing. ...Read full review