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The Devil Wears Prada
Meet Andy Sachs. A Million Girls Would Kill To Have Her Job. She'S Not One Of Them

The Devil Wears Prada

14 Mar, 2008
1 hrs 49 mins
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The story tells the professional adventure of Andrea, whose greatest dream is to become a journalist. Andrea gets a job in the fashion industry through Runway magazine, the most famous of its type, to make ends meet. But Andrea won`t develop her writing skills in the magazine, but her talents as the editor in chief`s assistant, Miranda. The problem is that Miranda is a merciless, posh and cruel woman, making the experience a living hell for the girl. The environment in the place will be cold and extremely critical with the physical appearance. The girl will have to change her simple and plain style, for a more trendy and elegant one, in order to gain the acceptance of her ruthless boss and colleagues, specially Emily, her unpleasant workmate. Despite everything against Andrea in the office, she will consider the experience as a challenge, drastically changing her clothes and self-image, with the help of Nigel, the magazine`s art director. Nevertheless, the job becomes extremely demanding, because of Miranda`s tough work rhythm and nearly impossible tasks, leaving Andrea without a private life with her boyfriend, family and friends.
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