Hrishikesh Joshi

  • Actor, Director, Writer, Dialogue Writer

Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

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Hrishikesh Joshi is a prominent actor in the Marathi film circuit and is renowned for his performances in major award winning productions like De Dhakka (2008) and Deool (2011). An alumnus of National School of Drama, Joshi also received the Best Actor Award from the Maharashtra State Government. His other films include Time Bara Vait (2015), Bumper Draw (2015), Poshter Girl (2016), Cheater (2016), Firkee (2018), Cycle (2018), Bhai - Vyakti Ki Valli (2019), Bhaai - Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2 (2019), Miss U Mister (2019) and Vikun Taak (2020).