Sanjay Mone

  • Actor, Writer, Screenplay, Dialogue Writer

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Sanjay Mone is an Indian actor and screenwriter who works chiefly in the Marathi film industry. He is best known for penning the screenplay for films like Pak Pak Pakaak (2005), Sanshay Kallol (2013) and A Paying Ghost (2015). Significant acting credits include Jhing Chik Jhing (2009), Mhais (2013), A Rainy Day (2014), 1234 (2016) and the 2017 romantic comedy-drama film Bus Stop. He is associated with the 2018 Marathi drama Barayan directed by Deepak Patil, starring Anurag Worlikar, Prarthana Behere and Vaishnavi Kadam in the lead roles.