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Baaghi 2
Rebel for Love

Baaghi 2

30 Mar, 2018
2 hrs 25 mins
157,595 votes
5 74059
4 37809
3 25358
2 8845
1 11500
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A battle-hardened army officer goes in search of his ex-lover`s child who is mysteriously kidnapped. Neha reaches out to the only person who can help her with her plight, Ronnie. He goes deep into the underbelly of Goa, facing off against drug lords, menacing Russian henchmen, and blood thirsty animals. Daring stunts, chase sequences, air strikes, bomb blasts and other large-scale action sequences will be done with a bona-fide, larger than life approach, truly making it a spectacle.
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A distraught young woman reaches out to her ex-boyfriend for help in tracing her kidnapped daughter, but her husband and everyone that knows them insists the couple had no child at all. So is she imagining things, or is there more to it? ...Read full review
The action thriller that draws power from the virile exploits of this protagonist is replete with eye-popping, heart-pounding, brain-numbing and inordinately drawn-out stunts and fights. These are meant to be the high points of the Ahmed Khan-directed film. But, despite a twist here and a twist there that manages to add a degree of zing to the plot, monotony sets in rather quickly and pushes the film over a pulpy precipice. ...Read full review
Apart from a chase sequence of approximately 20 seconds and a couple of hand-to-hand combat scenes, Baaghi 2 fails to deliver. The background score which worked so well in Baaghi sounds like a noise this time. Its a mere show-reel for Tiger Shroff. ...Read full review
If you have grown up on Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, the sight of Tiger Shroff wreaking havoc as a one man army can be exhilarating. Tiger pulls off his trademark kicks and punches with effortless ease. He looks good as a ripped and intense soldier waging war against the bad guys. For most parts, the movie sticks to its leading man`s strengths and that`s a smart decision. ...Read full review
There are moments in Baaghi 2 that are so trite and so dated, it feels like a 1970s-80s assembly-line product. The shirt-stripping, of course, is a 21st century Bollywood trope that was fun when it started but is now becoming tedious in the hands of unimaginative directors. ...Read full review
Baaghi 2 combines the most generic elements of a mainstream action film, wherein the villain has killed the hero`s father, mother, sister, brother, wife or a lover. And now he is on some rampage where nothing and nobody can kill him. There are many plot elements, which intended to be intense but turn into silliness, not in a good way. ...Read full review
Baaghi 2 is predictable for the most part, and there are no jaw-dropping twists even for those who have seen the original Telugu film, Kshanam. Probably because here, the actors aren`t convincing. Half the time, you might just end up saying, "Yeah, that was obvious." The film doesn`t rely on mystery and intrigue to carry it through. It depends entirely on Tiger`s muscles. ...Read full review
Right from `Why on earth is Disha`s father so opposed to her match with Tiger`s to `this has got to be the stupidest reason for kidnapping ever,` Baaghi 2`s laughable twists and slyness are sloppy and forced. Just like that completely needless early sequence inspired by the true incident of an army officer tying a Kashmiri local on jeep. ...Read full review
The trouble with a full-on masala film going in search of a plot is evident in the way the film unspools. The bare bones are borrowed from Telugu thriller Kshanam, but the fillings are all strictly Bollywood: the attempt to create difference gets diluted. After a while, inevitably, all the bang-bang starts feeling familiar, whether it is happening on the streets of Goa, where much of the film is set, or in some jungles, location unspecified, where the long-drawn climax takes place. ...Read full review
If acting were a martial art, then Tiger Shroff is truly an excellent actor. When he kicks, bad guys molars pop out like bloody popcorns. Hes cast and set in that mera moonh nahin, mere muscles baatein karte hain mould. Thats why the dialogues written for him require special skills they are stiff and staccato beyond belief and are delivered either with teeth clenched or a toothy grin. ...Read full review
Baaghi 2 is a faithful remake of the 2016 Telugu thriller Kshanam. But since the leading man is Tiger Shroff, the protagonist changes from an investment banker to an army commando. Because if Tiger doesnt break bones, leap into helicopters and single-handedly defeat dozens of armed bad guys, would we even recognize him? What is the point of that painstakingly chiseled body if we dont see it being put to good use? ...Read full review
A distraught young woman reaches out to her ex-boyfriend for help in tracing her kidnapped daughter, but her husband and everyone that knows them insists the couple had no child at all. So is she imagining things, or is there more to it? ...Read full review