Behen Hogi Teri

Behen Hogi Teri

09 Jun, 2017
2 hrs 08 mins
2,166 votes
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Gattu is a 23 year old middle class boy from Lucknow who is in love with his neighborhood crush Binny (20) since his childhood days. However, his family members believe that all girls of the mohalla are like one’s sister and hence, Binny too has been accorded Gattu’s sister since the day they were kids. Gattu, though, doesn’t believe in this ‘behen-bhai ka pyaar’ definition. He knows this is his age is to do ‘girlfriend wala pyar’ and he will convince both firebrand Binny, who is famous in tying rakhi to every boy of the mohalla, and their family members that Binny will none other than his life-long love.

Supporting him in his daredevil venture is Gattu’s closes friend Bhura, who belongs to quite a notorious family of the town. Gattu begins to work in Binny’s elder brother Jaidev’s Jagran mandli and manages to win over Binny’s heart, but is stumped when Jaidev fixes Binny’s marriage with France-returned Rahul. To make things worse, Gattu’s family suspects that Binny is having an affair with Bhura, and informs Jaidev about it. Gattu lacks the courage to speak the truth to Jaidev and as the misunderstanding grows, an angry Jaidev slaps Bhura.

The incident enrages Bura’s family against Gattu’s mohalla while Binny is pissed with Gattu for not having the courage to stop the spreading rumors or ask her hand in marriage from Jaidev. Bhura’s father decides Binny to be his daughter-in-law in one look and Gattu is left in a jiffy as now instead of him, it is either Rahul or Bhura who are both in line to marry Binny.

Will Gattu find a way out to make Binny forgive him for his mistake and right the wrong he has done? Will he be able to avoid the brewing war between Bhura’s notorious gang and his shareef Mohalla as the wedding date approaches? Above all, will he be able to convince his family and mohalla members that Binny is his nikkar ke zamane ka pyaar and Behen Hogi Teri!

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Verdict: Rajkummar gives a terrific performance, yet again. Rakhi brother - a relationship devised for brotherless girls and sisterless brothers. It is a very sweet thing because it lets people experience the bond that they could not experience naturally. It is probably stronger than what siblings share. This film, however, takes into consideration how this []... ...Read full review
Behen Hogi Teri is another example of Rajkummar Raos excellent performance; he will surely win your heart. Despite its shortcomings, the film is entertaining and makes for a nice weekend watch. And yes, the title is interesting! ...Read full review
Behen Hogi Teri may not be as funny as the trailer has promised us, thanks to a sluggish second half and weak female characters. Nevertheless, it is still an entertaining watch, with all due credit to Rajkummar Raos terrific performance, a great supporting cast and some really funny scenes. It may not be the comedy of the year, but Behen Hogi Teri doesnt end up being a decent time pass flick, that you can surely enjoy if you can overlook the flaws. ...Read full review
But the only reason to smile at the movie is Rajkummar Rao. The movie is packed with performers of various calibers, but Rao - the only reason to even attempt this - is better than everyone and their brother. ...Read full review
But if you must, watch Behen Hogi Teri as proof of the fact that solid actors can sometimes elevate ordinary material. Rajkummar Rao grabs your attention, even in scenes where he has no lines to speak. He has impeccable comic timing too just watch him in the scene where he must give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Binnys grandmother, or where he consoles his humiliated buddy whos just been slapped by Binnys brother. ...Read full review

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