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Dayavittu Gamanisi

Dayavittu Gamanisi

20 Oct, 2017
2 hrs 11 mins
2,700 votes
5 1356
4 639
3 341
2 128
1 222
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In the journey of life, we are all voyagers. Voyagers who sometimes forget the minute details of life that can turn our lives around. Meet Sathyanarayana, Proxy, Guruji & Raghu. While Satyanarayana & Proxy are seeking companionship and love, Guruji & Raghu are lost in the chaos of lives. Will the four fight their battles and emerge successful, or does destiny hold some other plan for them?
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Four individuals one running away from marriage, one in love, one who is on a spiritual quest and another who is fed up with his humdrum existence form the protagonists of four stories. Each story is narrated as a separate chapter, with different characters. Is there a common string tying them all together? ...Read full review
A film that is actually a collection of different short stories is not a new experiment in Kannada. Puttanna Kanagal tried that ages ago in Katha Sangama. ...Read full review
Rohit Padaki takes to direction like fish to water and handles the narration with lan. His methods are engaging and he leaves no room for doubt despite handling a huge cast and multiple storylines. ...Read full review
Rohit Padakis Dayavittu Gamanisi tries to put its hands in its pockets and walk into the club of new-wave of Kannada cinema. The guards at the entrance take a look at the film and allow it without frisking it much. ...Read full review
While claiming to be experimentally different, this attention seeking venture did hit the screens with some expectations. But in reel-ity, despite all the honest efforts, it fails to grab enough attention and largely misses out on the much needed wow factor. ...Read full review
The film is an anthology of four shorts, whose chapter titles (Whirlpool, Existence, Illusion, Decision) hint at something bigger, and sure enough, we get this nugget at the end: Life is a voyage. We should keep walking and the path will reveal itself. ...Read full review
The story begins with Sathyanarayana (Rajesh Nataranga) an eligible bachelor who is caught in a whirlpool of matrimony, and he gets a proposal from Ramamurthy (Prakash Belavadi) who is desperate to get his daughter Bhoomika married. ...Read full review