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Lucknow Central
प्लान कुछ और है

Lucknow Central

15 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 27 mins
18,064 votes
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After being accused of murder, Kishen Mohan Girhotra is thrown inside the Lucknow Central Jail, where he is awaiting death penalty. While serving his sentence at the prison, Gayatri Kashyap, an NGO worker, visits the jail with the idea of holding a band competition in order to form a Band of Prisoners. Kishen sees the competition as an opportunity to escape from the prison. In his quest to escape, he befriends four other inmates and lays down his escape plan, convincing them to join the band.
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Verdict: A perfect mix of drama, thrills, and humor. Kishan Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar), a happy-go-lucky small-towner, is a passionate singer who hopes of forming his own band. Alas, his dreams are shattered when he`s sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of an IAS officer who he got into a brawl with. Though innocent, []... ...Read full review
Like TV show Prison Break, Lucknow Central begins on an impressive note. We meet Kishan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar), a Moradabad guy, who wants to form his own band. This is a distant vision, but he believes small towns cant crush a big dream. Switching accents between urban, semi-urban and rural, Farhan Akhtar somehow finds himself in the jail on the charge of murdering an IAS officer. ...Read full review
Orson Welles famously said Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck. The fate of a young man who is wrongfully implicated in a murder case hinges on this sweeping quotation. It might sound a bit nave for a prison drama, but then events in director Ranjit Tiwaris Lucknow Central lean more towards sentimentality than sagacity. ...Read full review
The film starts off with a day in the life of the Moradabad based Kishan Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar). In order to achieve his dream of forming a band, he even records a demo CD in order to hand it over to a topmost singer (played by Manoj Tiwari, in a cameo), but, his efforts go in total vain. One day, out of the blue, cops arrest him and put him in Lucknow Central jail on the charges of murdering an IAS officer. Even in the jail, the restless Kishan yearns of forming his own band. On the occasion of Independence Day, Minister Pawan Singh Chaturvedi (Ravi Kishan) decides to have an inter-jail music competition. ...Read full review
Kishan Girhotra`s (Farhan) dreams of becoming a singer are shattered when he is falsely accused of murdering an IAS officer in Muradabad. Pronounced guilty, he is jailed for the crime he never committed. Deprived of the freedom he rightfully deserves, the sun shines on him once again even in captivity, as a bunch of prisoners and an NGO worker (Diana Penty) become his voice and the wind beneath his wings. Can he accomplish his dream of forming a band in the prison or does he manage to escape the dungeon? ...Read full review
The importance of a solid supporting cast cannot be overstated. Ranjit Tiwari`s Lucknow Central, a film about prisoners who form a band - a surprisingly popular theme this season - can be called engaging only because it is populated by very good character actors. This is not a particularly well-crafted film, but actors like Veerendra Saxena, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma and the Punjabi popstar Gippy Grewal are so credible and distinctive that, for a while, they make the film aspire to a better class of criminal cinema. ...Read full review
The film doesn`t make any significant statements on the legal system or rehabilitation beyond tedious displays of violence or stray moments, like when the out-on-parole convicts realise they are unwelcome, unfit for the world that has moved on without them. Of course the harmless temper and measured fervour of Lucknow Central`s key players insists they are not all bad. And for a while, you believe it too! ...Read full review
Just three weeks ago, audiences were exposed to the terrible life of jails in QAIDI BAND. Surprisingly, LUCKNOW CENTRAL, that releases this Friday, also deals with life in the prison and whats more, the crux in both the films is the prisoners forming a band in order to escape from jail. So does LUCKNOW CENTRAL manage to make a mark, despite the similarities with the other film or does it fail in making an impact, lets analyse ...Read full review
Debutante director Ranjit Tiwari`s ability to whip up a warm tale about dreams, loss and surviving life`s catastrophes is commendable. Inspired by true incidents, `Lucknow Central` revolves around five jail inmates who dream of freedom, with Farhan Akhtar`s Kishan repeatedly asserting lines like: "Bande qaid hote hain, sapne nahin,` or `Shehar chote hote hai, spane nahi.` ...Read full review
In Lucknow Central, a bunch of desperate prison inmates turn to music in the hope of securing their freedom. Surface-level similarities to Qaidi Band notwithstanding, this is a premise with some potential, and first-time director Ranjit Tiwari delivers an inoffensive film with some moving scenes. But the inert script never powers the film with enough fuel to fly. ...Read full review
First a true life story - In 2007, a progressive superintendent at a Lucknow jail started a reform initiative around music. Inmates from different jails were invited to showcase their talent at an annual inter-jail competition. Inside the towering walls of the Lucknow prison, a band called Healing Hearts was born. All the members were inmates serving life sentences. ...Read full review
Five prisoners plan a jailbreak in Lucknow Central, hoping to make a run for it when a music competition is underway. We saw an exact ploy play out a few weeks ago in Qaidi Band. What is going on? A fully filmi ittefaq, or a sinister story swap? ...Read full review
A young man Kishen Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar) from a small town in Uttar Pradesh gets accused of murder and lands him in Lucknow Central Jail where he awaits his high court trial for a death penalty. His despondent life comes to life when a social activist Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) is entrusted with the compelling responsibility of forming a musical band, comprising prisoners for a music competition to be held in the Lucknow Central. ...Read full review