Magalir Mattum
A woman`s independence

Magalir Mattum

15 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 20 mins
6,939 votes
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Magalir Mattum is the story of few women who get to live their life the way they want with the help of the lead character, Jyothika, who is a documentary filmmaker and a very modern woman. Though the films title literally means Ladies Only, the story has several important male characters as well who equally contribute to the plot.
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Verdict: The movie takes its audience on an emotional ride. After 36 Vayadhinile, the bubbly Jyothika is back on screen again, this time bolder, bubblier and intrepid. Magalir Mattum is one of the most anticipitated releases of this week and will certainly have an impact on every individual who watches the movie. Do not mistake []... ...Read full review
Magalir Mattum begins in 1978, when we see three girls Gomatha, Rani Amirthakumari (Shobana Karthikeyan) and Subbulakshmi (Nivedhithaa Sathish) sneaking out to watch a movie, all the while debating if it`s a Rajini film or a Kamal film (it is both, for the movie is Aval Appadithaan). ...Read full review
Magalir Mattum opens with a strange shot, that of a woman looking towards a runway from behind the glass wall. She innocently waves her hand as the flight carrying her son takes off. Later in that scene, she says, "It`s always difficult to say `goodbye`. Especially if it`s a son." ...Read full review
Magalir Mattums title credits goes like this Urvashi, Bhanupriya and Saranya Ponvannans names come together first and then says ivargaludan Jyothika (with them Jyothika). Couldnt have been more apt as the film belongs to the older ladies. However, it is not a documentation of them getting together to complain about their lives. ...Read full review
How often have we celebrated women around us in real life? How often have we seen a film celebrating women? Here is Jyothikas Magalir Mattum, for us, which is one such rare films, that wants the world to celebrate women. ...Read full review
Magalir Mattum is the kind of film where you dont mind overseeing the flaws because it leaves you with a heartwarming feeling when you exit the theatre. When was the last time you saw women in Tamil cinema hog the limelight from the word go? ...Read full review
One of the best scenes in Magalir Mattum begins with a housewife - Subbulakshmi (Saranya Ponvannan) - speaking to a camera, making an ad. She dreams of becoming a beautician. But soon, reality beckons. An ailing (and complaining) mother-in-law whose bedpan needs to be emptied. A husband (Livingston) who does nothing but drink and sing Ilayaraja hits, with the preludes and interludes. ...Read full review
If he portrayed the darker side of life in his debut movie Kuttram Kadithal and even bagged a national award, Bramma has given a heartwarming feel good entertainer in Magalir Mattum, which celebrates womanhood. The movie begins in 1978 with three friends Gomatha, Rani Amrithakumari and Subbu who are in a boarding school contemplating whether to jump over the wall to watch a Rajini Kamal movie Aval Appadithan. ...Read full review
Director Bramma who gave the National Award winning `Kuttram Kadithal` has joined hands with the comeback queen Jyothika as the anchor of `Magalir Mattum` a story about three childhood friends who meet after decades played delighfully by Urvashi, Banupriya and Saranya Ponvannan. Whether the film makes the desired impact with the audience remains to be seen. ...Read full review
Jyothikas latest Magalir Mattum directed by Bramma who made the critically acclaimed Kuttram Kadithal is a feel-good film which talks about women wanting to break the shackles of male domination. The story is about a gang of four women led by Jyothika, who go on a road trip to rejuvenate themselves from patriarchy and male chauvinism. The subject is interesting, but the treatment is hackneyed and long-drawn-out. ...Read full review

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