Mala Kahich Problem Nahi

Mala Kahich Problem Nahi

11 Aug, 2017
2 hrs 14 mins
1,784 votes
5 647
4 560
3 364
2 117
1 88
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In today's world, which is full of stress, family time has become a thing of the past. Highlighting the modern issue of attention, loneliness, and disconnect that plagues modern nuclear families, 'Mala Kahich Problem Nahi' looks highly relatable and engaging. The movie acts as a bridge between two cultures and communities. Like thousands of others, Gashmeer Mahajani (Ajay) & Spruha Joshi (Ketaki) are portraying an urban couple with a complex relationship. The stress and strain of the outer world can impact both the individuals and their families, putting them in an immense amount of pressure. How they deal with this pressure, forms the crux of the film.
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Verdict: A modern take on the cracks that being to appear in modern marriages. We are midway through the year and we already have our fair share of cinematic masterpieces as well as some not-so-great movies. Well, not all movies are made with the intention of competing for the Oscars; some of them make us []... ...Read full review
We all need at least one thing which can encourage us or show the right way. Then be it a person or film; doesnt matter. There were many films have been made on relationships. We noticed an importance of relationships from films. If you think family concept is shrinking due to stress, ego or you are going through the same situation then one such film Mala Kahich Problem Nahi based on the above concept has released this week. ...Read full review
Sameer Vidwans has handled the subject of marriage well in his previous films by presenting different angles of the relation in front of the viewers. With Mala Kahich Problem Nahi (MKPN) he explores the married life of a couple that has survived the seven-year itch. Ajay (Mahajani) and Ketaki (Joshi) opt for a court marriage after their respective families keep arguing about the traditional ceremony. This leads to misunderstandings and ego-issues between them and their families. ...Read full review
In a smart pre-credit sequence, MKPN introduces us to Ajay (Mahajani) and Ketaki (Joshi), who have been in love for the past three months and are eager to tie the knot. Their decision to marry is accepted in principle by their parents, but things get stuck when the wedding is being planned. ...Read full review

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