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14 Jul, 2017
1 hrs 59 mins
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Rubaai is a Tamil movie starring Anandhi and Chandran in prominent roles. The cast also includes Chinni Jayanth, G. Marimuthu, Harish Uthaman, M. S. Bhaskar and R Kishore. It is a drama action directed by M. Anbazhagan with D.Imman as the Music composer, forming part of the crew.

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D. Immans songs are pleasant to hear, but lack recall value and as usual scores his points in the background score. Cinematographer V. Ilayaraja has done an excellent job of keeping the lighting, natural be it the Chennai scenes or the more exotic Theni ghats. Editor R. Nirmal is another major contributor keeping the narration flowing at the right pace and makes an impression without resorting to any fancy cuts. Anbazhagan has lifted the premise and the villain character from No Country For Old Men directed by the Coen brothers which is one of the most influential films of the modern era. However, it is difficult for the audience to root for the lovers Anandhi and Chandran as there are not enough scenes to build their love organically. Unlike Anton Chigurh, played chillingly deep by Javier Bardem in NCFOM Harish Uttamans character is written on the surface level and hence is not potent enough to match one of the greatest villains in world cinema. The killer leaves a blatantly clear trail and the cops still take time till the climax to near him. Similarly, there is no tension or feeling of impending danger to the heroes as their tormentor is just one step behind them all the time and we know their fates much before it arrives. The forced tragic climax also does not make the slightest impact whatsoever. ...Read full review
Chandran and Anandhi, who had put up an impressive performance in Prabu Solomons Kayal, are back as a pair again in Rubaai. This time the director has turned producer, while Anbazhagan is at the helm. There are a few similarities one could identify with Kayal, though. This film, too, has Chandran, who plays Bharani, falling in love with Anandhis character at first sight. He has a close friend, this time, too. Babu (debutant Kishore) and Bharani are youngsters who confidently think themselves as muthalalis as they are self-employed. They have a lorry, which earns them their daily bread. ...Read full review

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