Thiruttuppayale 2

Thiruttuppayale 2

30 Nov, 2017
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Selvam, who is referred as the 'honest corrupt' police official by his superiors is given a special task of tapping the phone calls of important VIPs' in the city. His duty brings him face-to-face with Balki, an intelligent software engineer, and hacker who threatens girls form money with their private pictures. One of Balki's victims is Selvam's wife, Agalya and when Balki threatens Agalya to sleep with him, Selvam confronts him and soon a game of cat and mouse chase ensues.
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The story of Thiruttu Payale 2 revolves around a police officer named Selvam. He begins his career as an honest police officer but later he too, gets in to the lines of corruption, but in a different way. He leads a happy life with his wife Agalvilakku. Once, Selvam is assigned with a special duty of call tapping and later, he crosses path with a person named Balki, which turns his family life upside down. ...Read full review
To compare this Bobby Simhaa-Prasanna-Amala Paul film with the Jeevan-Malavika-Sonia Aggarwal orignal from 2006 would be an injustice both ways. Where Thiruttu Payale had extensive backstories and raw human emotion, Thiruttu Payale 2 is more come-as-you-are. Jeevan may not be half the actor that Bobby Simhaa (or even Prasanna) has proved himself to be, but as a character, the `honest-corrupt` inspector Selvam isn`t quite as interesting as Jeevan`s Manickam. ...Read full review
In this modern age, where the endless possibilities of technology are savoured by people, do we really anticipate about its diverse ill-effects? With Thiruttu Payale 2, Susi Ganeshan attempts to explore the life of a couple, which gets badly affected due to the indirect intervention of technology. ...Read full review
The main premise of the Thiruttu Payale franchise created by director Susi Ganeshan is to explore the possibilities of what human beings would do when they have a secret of another person. The thing about the secret is it makes the one who holds it more powerful than the person who actually owns it. ...Read full review
Selvam (Bobby Simha) is a cop working as a one man surveillance team reporting directly to the IG. His cheerful wife Agalya (Amala Paul) is a facebook obsessed young girl. Selvam uses the data he collects through phone tapping to make a private fortune unknown to anyone. During one of the recordings he gets the shock of his life to learn that his wife has connections with another man Bala Krishnan (Prasanna) a man with deadly machinations. What happens next forms the rest of the screenplay. ...Read full review
Susi Ganesans Thiruttu Payale, which released a decade ago, was bold and ahead of its time with respect to the subject (extra-marital affair) it dealt with. Its sequel, Thiruttu Payale 2, is cut from the same cloth and it rides high on technology, driving home the point that nothing is private anymore in anyones life. ...Read full review
Selvam (Bobby Simha), an honest (corrupt) police officer is given an important task to tap the phone calls of higher officials to bring their corruption to light. During the course, he encounters the lives of various people and their dark secrets. To his shock, he finds Agal (Amala Paul), his wife also having harbouring one such secret. What is she hiding and how it impacts the lives of the couple is what Thiruttu Payale 2 is all about. ...Read full review

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