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28 Nov, 2014
1 hrs 55 mins
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Ungli is a sleek, edgy, vigilante drama loaded with action. It is a story about friendship and what happens when a gang of friends decide to take justice into their own hands.
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Ungli is an engaging movie revolving around a gang of friends and how they astutely deal with corrupt officials in Mumbai. A group of four friends - Abhay, Kaleem, Maya and Koti - are determined to provide justice to the common people in their own twisted way. They pledge to remain anonymous by uploading videos ... ...Read full review
Ungli film is a story about a masked group who call themselves as `The Ungli Gang`, which consist of Abhay (Randeep Hooda), Maya (Kangana Ranaut), Gautam (Niel Bhoopalam) and Kalim (Angad Bedi). Together they teach a lesson to all the corrupt people who have been harassing the common man. Their gang gets a new entrant Nikhil (Emraan Hashmi), who also wants to punish this corrupt and selfish society. On the other side ACP Kale (Sanjay Dutt) has been assigned the task of nabbing this gang. How does ACP Kale lay his trap, so that he can catch the so called criminals is what the entire film is all about. ...Read full review
Coming from the writer of Rang De Basanti, Ungli has the same spark of brilliance. Rensil keeps the story moving fluidly towards a fantastic climax, which is nothing short of genius. The camaraderie between its actors is palpable and despite a few vital pitfalls, the film stays true to what it has set out to achieve. Ungli might not offer a solution to our day to day problems but does a darn good job at tapping the right chords and sentiments and translating it on screen and met out a hard befitting answer to the culprits. And lastly, the best thing about Ungli is it doesnt get preachy; it asks you to rise up for your rights without hammering your head to it. Give this one a chance, you too will rise up, take charge and show the Ungli. ...Read full review
The central premise of Ungli is as unoriginal as they come: a gang of four vigilantes sets out to name, shame and tame the corrupt in the city of Mumbai after one of their own is battered in a case of road rage. In a state of panic, the police establishment deputes an upright and headstrong cop (Sanjay Dutt) to go after the masked and mysterious citizen crusaders. How hackneyed is that! Ungli , Rensil D`Silva`s second film as director, is a lackadaisical thriller that gets its fingers into boiling hot water in trying way too hard to make the right noises. The screenplay (by the director himself) and the dialogues (Milap Zhaveri) are stilted. Not surprisingly, the characters are unconvincing too. And the actors - there are some competent ones in the film - are given no scope at all to rise above the morass. The plot hinges on preposterous contrivances in its bid to expose the underbelly of a rotten system that crushes the common man under its weight.Ungli does not gather any momentum because it isn`t a single overarching embodiment of evil that the gang decides to take on. ...Read full review
Abhay, Maya, Goti and Kalim are four friends. They form a gang called Ungli for justice. They teach a lesson to corrupt govt officers. ACP Kale takes on the case and begins to track down Ungli Gang. ...Read full review



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