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Jamba Lakidi Pamba

Jamba Lakidi Pamba

22 Jun, 2018
2 hrs 21 mins
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Jamba Lakidi Pamba is the story of a couple, once bound by destiny, who soon find themselves on the brink of a divorce due to certain unavoidable and unexpected twists and turns.
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Verdict: A wholesome entertainer with a good message. There are very few actors who can be both funny and `hero` material. Srinivasa Reddy is one such actor, who explores many kinds of roles. Off late, the movies where he played lead hero - Geethanjali, Jayammu Nischayamu Ra, and Anando Brahma - have been runaway hits. Now he is seen in J.B. Murali Krishna`s Jamba Lakidi Pamba. This movie has earn... ...Read full review
The film charts the journey of a couple who are bound by destiny yet find themselves on the brink of divorce. However, due to unavoidable circumstances and unexpected twists, they get a second chance at their relationship. ...Read full review
Varun (Srinivas Reddy) is a software engineer who is married to a fashion designer Pallavi (Siddhi Idnani). The couple starts arguing over things which results in a point where they decide to take divorce. Accidentally their lawyer Posani dies and turns into a soul. He interchanges the genders of Varun and Pallavi. What happens next is going to be interesting as a fun ride which is to be seen in the theatres. ...Read full review
Varun (Srinivasa Reddy) and Pallavi (Siddhi Idhnani) are married couple who are unhappy with themselves. Varun thinks that her wife is the one who always create problems and dont let them stay peaceful and Pallavi thinks Varun is having an affair with his colleague and thats why he is not keeping her happy. They both decide to end their relationship by taking divorce and they approach Harischandra Prasad (Posani Krishna Murali) who takes up their case as his 100th one as he had helped 99 couple get divorced. ...Read full review
Varun(Srinivasa Reddy) and his wife(Siddhi) are a couple who decide to take a divorce because of their ongoing differences. This is the time when a very interesting supernatural element happens and the lead pairs gender gets interchanged. What will happen now? How does Varun who is a girl now solve all his problems and get his divorce finalized? That forms the rest of the story. ...Read full review
Varun (Srinivasa Reddy), Pallavi (Siddhi) couple is not a well-adjusted one. Pallavi suspects Varun has an affair with a female colleague, Varun thinks Pallavi makes nuisance out of everything. Finally, the couple approach popular divorce lawyer Harischandra Prasad (Posani) who has handled 99 divorces till date. ...Read full review