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Abrahaminte Santhathikal

Abrahaminte Santhathikal

16 Jun, 2018
2 hrs 11 mins
36,081 votes
5 21032
4 7234
3 3942
2 1457
1 2394
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Derick Abraham, a fiery and dutiful police officer, continues to be the best officer in Kerala Police Department until his brother Philip Abraham gets arrested for false murder charges. Will he be able to investigate the case and serve justice to his brother?
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Verdict: Megastar Mammootty is back in style. Abrahaminte Santhathikal is an action thriller directed by debutant Shaji Padoor with Megastar Mammootty and Anson Paul as Abraham’s children. The movie has been produced by T. L. George and Joby George under the banner Goodwill Entertainments. Written by Haneef Adeni, the movie also stars Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna, Yog Japee, Siddique, Shyamap... ...Read full review
Duty comes first for police officer Derick Abraham. What happens when his own brother Philip becomes a suspect in an investigation? Will he compromise on his ethics for his own blood? ...Read full review
Derick Abraham is one of the most revered cops of the force and he is often assigned with special tasks. He is one such person who upholds his profession much above anything else. But, one such instance occurs when his brother becomes an accused in a murder and what happens rest has been narrated in a deft manner in Abrahaminte Santhathikal. ...Read full review
Derrick Abraham is an impeccable police officer who has a great track record. We get to see his efficiency in the beginning when he solves a case by finding the serial killer. At one point Derrick had to go against his younger brother as he was convinced that his younger brother was involved in a murder. This causes a rift between the brothers and the movie shows us how that rift grows and how it ends. ...Read full review
A Biblical title like `Abrahaminte Santhathikal` (`Abraham`s Progeny`) can bring up unnecessary associations. Is this about sacrificing a most beloved person for the larger call of duty (Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountains). Or is all this leading to some fratricidal feud (the Cain and Abel legend in the Book of Genesis). Or is this about the faith of humans, or their lack of it (it was Abraham`s faith that was tested the most by God). There was enough in what was going on in Abrahaminte Santhathikal to make one suspect these possibilities. ...Read full review
Shaji Padoor who makes the debut after his 22 Years Assistant Director Experience has did an outstanding job as the master craftsman of the movie. Haneef Adeni`s Screenplay demanded a wise execution and Shaji Padoor has executed it to the ultimate best. A first half that starts off in style quotients and then revolving around emotional contents ends with a Super Interval punch. Second half keep its flow and once it enters the final 30 minutes.The movie shift its gears to an another level.Haneef Adeni`s dialogues also deserves a huge applause as it created Waves in Theatres. ...Read full review
Mammootty Starer Abrahaminte Santhathikal started off with an investigation behind a series of murders of a police officers in force. The engaging first half hits a roadblock for a few minutes in the second half until the surprising elements in the last 20 minutes elevates the movie to sky high and end up on an stupundous climax. There were whistles and claps everywhere once the movie got over and Emperor of Malayala cinema is back with a bang one can say proudly. ...Read full review
Return of Megastar Mammootty in a police role, debut movie of one of the most expierenced assossiate director Shaji Padoor in Mollywood, reunion of team "The Great Father", stunning posters, teaser and trailer, Abrahaminte Santhathikal was not just another movie to be released in Mollywood but a much awaited one of the year. What more to say, Abrahaminte Santhikal was successful in standing over all those expectation it has to face. ...Read full review
Shaji Padoor had worked here in Mollywood as an associate director for almost 22 years and we can say that he had used all his experience to make this movie a great thriller. The screenplay by Haneef Adeni has been the backbone of this movie as it was so tight and thrilling to the core. Each and every character has great significance in the story and the plot situations were very much convincing as well. Shaji Padoor had made the movie in a way that it will keep you at the edge of the seats. He made sure that the flick had every commercial element to make the audience enjoy the movie. ...Read full review
Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a bumbling train wreck of a film that could`ve been more respectful of Mammootty`s stature as an actor. Instead, it completely insults both the actor and the audience. Maybe the actor doesn`t feel that way because he always seems to be at ease in any role he does, regardless of the quality of the film. The film begins with a brutal massacre of a family of three. The killer is a Charles Manson-type psychopath who moves stealthily during dark, rainy nights and murders anyone who is an atheist. That might sound funny on paper but the Dhuruvanghal 16-style mood established in the first 20 minutes made things look very promising. ...Read full review
Mammootty as Derick Abraham has outshined all other aspects of the movie. The megastar as well as the Mega Actor was on song. His expressions, screen presence, dialogue delivery and meticulousily brilliant skill in emotional scenes, all were exploited. Aanson Paul got the role of his lifetime and did a commendable job. Kalabhavan Shajon did another excellent performance. Siddique, Kaniha, Maqbool, Tarushi and rest of the cast were terrific with their Performance. ...Read full review
Director Shaji Padoors Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a tale of two brothers, same blood, same character. The movie can be best described as a mixture of fighting, style and sentiments topped off with crisp punchy dialogues, epic slow motion stunts and much more. The megastar starrer is far and away the most exciting adventure thriller of the year. ...Read full review