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All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World

05 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 16 mins
2,331 votes
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Gail, a devout mother, after failing to convince her estranged father to pay the ransom money demanded by the kidnappers of her 16-year-old son, John Paul Getty III, tries to sway him. In her desperate attempt to save the life of her child, she finds an unlikely ally in Getty's advisor, but they have to race against time.
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Verdict: Two octogenarians deliver the best thriller of the year. Ridley Scott is probably one of those people who would never say, ``I am too old to make movies``. The 80-year-old director probably delivered one of the best thrillers this January and is already on his next project. All The Money In The World is []... ...Read full review
This crime drama by Ridley Scott is based on the real-life kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. The production experienced its own behind-the-scenes drama following allegations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey who had finished shooting all his scenes as Jean Paul Getty. Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer in the title role - a recasting that works brilliantly in the film`s favor. ...Read full review
All the Money in the World is about the corrosive power of money and how extreme wealth twists a mans soul, crushing all traces of humanity. The film is based on true incidents that took place in 1973. At the time, Jean Paul Getty was the wealthiest man not just in the world but in the history of the world. Gettys 16-year old grandson, also known as Paul, is kidnapped in Rome. The kidnappers demand a 17-million-dollar ransom. To which Getty senior replies: I have 14 other grandchildren, and if I pay one penny now, Ill have 14 kidnapped grandchildren. ...Read full review
All The Money In The World in its final form is so seamless youd never have known about the behind the scenes drama if you werent informed of them earlier. As a bonus it also packs one of the best ever performances from Christopher Plummer as the very rich and legendarily horrible oil magnate Paul Getty. ...Read full review
The specter of the Kevin Spacey allegations, following right on the heels of Harvey Weinsteins, could have loomed large over All the Money in The World, and indeed did so until the Oscar-bait films actual release. So first, let us tip our hats to both director Ridley Scott (aged 80) and thespian Christopher Plummer (aged 88), as well as the rest of the production unit, for having exorcised it of even the slightest miasma. That too in nine days. ...Read full review
When it comes to the bone-splintering crunch of it, how much in cold, hard currency are any of us actually worth? Its a question Kevin Spacey must have asked himself after his performance as the oil baron J Paul Getty was cut from Ridley Scotts new film in light of widespread allegations of sexual harassment. ...Read full review
The rich are different from you and me, said F Scott Fitzgerald, to which Ernest Hemingway is famously alleged to have replied: Yes, they have more money. This film suggests they also have more fear of their own children fear that they will parasitically suck away energy that should be devoted to building up riches and status; that they will fail to be worthy inheritors of it, or waste it, or cause it to be catastrophically mortgaged to their own pampered weakness. ...Read full review
Right now the wounds are too fresh. The gashes are still too raw, too shudder-inducing to look at. So, a shameful glance is really the best we can do. But in a few years, when the scars have healed, we can all reflect on the time when Ridley Scott made history. ...Read full review
How much is too little? If you have all the money in the world, that question shouldnt even be asked, especially if a precious life is at stake. Its 1973 and super tycoon J Paul Getty has so much that hes forgotten the amount: if you have to count it, youre not a billionaire, he tells an admiring reporter from a magazine. But when his 16-year-old grandson John Paul Getty III is kidnapped in Rome, and the boys mother looks to him to pay the ransom, he refuses. ...Read full review
Ridley Scotts new film All the Money in the World is based on the true story of the world-famous kidnapping of the grandson of oil tycoon John Paul Getty in 1973. Its a fascinating story, not least because of the miserly billionaire, who was the richest man in the world at the time, famously refused to pay a dime of the $17 million ransom demanded by the kidnappers to let the boy go. ...Read full review