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Kill Dil
Will they kill for Dil?

Kill Dil

14 Nov, 2014
2 hrs 08 mins
766 votes
5 188
4 74
3 113
2 131
1 251
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Once upon a time in North India, two killers - Dev (Ranveer Singh) and Tutu (Ali Zafar), roamed free. Abandoned when young and vulnerable, Bhaiyaji (Govinda) gave them shelter and nurtured them to kill. All is normal in their lives until destiny throws free spirited Disha (Parineeti Chopra) into the mix. What follows is a game of defiance, deception and love.
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Ladki jo chhat se apne papa ko thakel deti hai, usse ka kehte hai batao? Push-paa! What`s life without some PJs? And what`s a Bollywood film without some Kill and Dil? Fresh from Yash Raj Films, we have Shaad Ali`s Kill/Dil. Here`s a warning before you continue: in case you are expecting an Indian version ... ...Read full review
Here`s another colorful entertainer from YRF banner directed by Shaadi Ali. In this two hour action drama you get to watch romance, guns, goons, jackets, parties, bikes, booze and blood. The story is set in Delhi, professional shooters Dev (Ranveer Singh) and Tutu (Ali Zafar) work for a local goon Bhaiyaji (Govinda). Killing is no big deal for these two until Dev meets Disha (Parineeti Chopra) during a pub brawl. Soon Dev is in love with her and now he won`t kill anymore. The choice is between Kill and Dil, this doesn`t go down well with Bhaiyaji. ...Read full review
A stylishly shot and neatly packaged action caper, Kill Dil could have been a killer film. It isn`t. It simply doesn`t have enough soul and substance to be able to go all the way to the finish line with its grand design in one piece. Director Shaad Ali, back in action seven years after the Jhoom Barabar Jhoom debacle, shows clear signs of rustiness.In one scene, on a wall of an insurance company`s boardroom, he hangs a portrait of Hindi cinema`s most iconic mother, Nirupa Roy, under a nameplate that reads `Founder`.His ideas may not be quite as ancient as the much-revered character actress that he invokes, but much of the material that Ali juggles with in Kill Dil belongs firmly to the past.Remember all those `No Vacancy` montages that would pop up every now and then on our silver screens in the good old black-and-white era, with the unemployed hero wiping the sweat off his forehead after each job rejection? ...Read full review
Earlier this year, there must`ve been a time when two directors under the same Banner were making virtually the same movie: Gunday, the Spaghetti Eastern and Kill/Dil, The Khichdi Northern. Ranveer Singh is one of the good baddiesa loyal brother from an unknown motherin both films. While the former suffered from forced chemistry and Arjun Kapoor, the latter reluctantly reels you into the campy sharpshooting world of Dev (Singh; mini-Govinda) and Tutu (Zafar; efficient). Their universe is conveniently lawless, awash with dusty sepia-tinged action and flashy setpieces to the tune of criminally addictive title tracks. Their phone ringtones and terrace quarters are ripe with Bollywood homages (again), and their camaraderie, simple. They don`t go the full 70s hog though, what with sync-sound grounding their silly lines. Dev is Viru to Tutu`s all-business Jai, although potential complexities of their relationship are ignored in favour of the producers` obsession with tonal smarts. ...Read full review