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Mercury (Silent Movie)
Silence is the most powerful scream

Mercury (Silent Movie)

13 Apr, 2018
1 hrs 49 mins
9,768 votes
5 3655
4 2626
3 1932
2 636
1 899
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Five long-time friends, all of whom are maimed as a result of Mercury poisoning, come together for their high school reunion. But a moment of mischief and misfortune during the after-party puts them on a one way road to hell.
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Verdict: Karthik Subbaraj Does It Yet Again. Director Karthik Subbaraj's most ambitious project, Mercury, is set to hit the big screen this week. The film stars Sananth Reddy, Deepak Paramesh, Shashank Purushotham, Anish Padmanabhan, Indhuja and Prabhu Deva. Just like Raja Harishchandra (1913) and Pushpak (1987), Mercury too is a silent fi... ...Read full review
A group of five youngsters are celebrating an occasion that holds special significance for them. Its an anniversary of the closure of a company called Corporate Earth, which was responsible for poisoning several people in a village with mercury. Drunk and on a joyride, they meet with an unfortunate accident that changes their lives. ...Read full review
Five youngsters reunite for an alumni meet, rent a cottage, get wasted, dance to loud music and take the car out for a nostalgic late-night spin. They run over a local and dump his body at a deserted factory. Soon, one by one, they will face the wrath of the zombified man. ...Read full review
Karthik Subbaraj once again proves he is gutsy and audacious enough to try his hands at a silent film especially to a modern tech-savvy audience who get restless when a scene goes silent. Karthik keeping his trust on the audience has made another experimentation, so has he struck the right chord here? ...Read full review
The events of Karthik Subbaraj`s Mercury seems to take place in an alternate universe where the days are shorter and the nights, longer. This is a gloomy place with misty atmosphere. In one brilliantly realised sequence, a thick blanket of mist is used as a "screen" to project the silhouettes of two lovers dancing. If that doesnt serve as an example of Karthiks vivid imagination ...Read full review
Hollywood does have a tradition of silent horror film harking back to the silent era. Films like The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920), Nosferatu (1922), or The Phantom of the Opera (1925) actually helped create the horror genre. Currently, A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski is making the audience relive the thrill of the silent horror films. Its good for Karthik Subbaraj that A Quiet Place is doing so well worldwide as Mercury too is an attempt to create silent horror. ...Read full review
Horror, suspense, thrills and surprises combine to form Mercury, a special film that will entertain as well as give audience something to think about. The film is directed by Karthik Subbaraj who has given some wonderful films like Pizza (Whistle in Kannada). The speciality of this film is that there are no dialogues. So it is called a silent film. But in reality the silence is only for spoken dialogues. There is background score and effect sounds. In such a film without direction you may think that things will be easy to narrate. But it is extremely difficult. But Subbaraj makes it look so simple. Complicated things that is difficult to explain even with dialogues are explained so easily. ...Read full review
There`s something eerie in Karthik Subbaraj`s Mercury right from the first frame itself. You already sense danger for the protagonists in the frightening world created by the filmmaker and want to reach out to them before they meet their doom. With absolutely no spoken dialogues in the film, Mercury relies heavily on the audience`s sensory to put across a social message that is importantly the need of this hour. You need to keep your eyes glued to the screen lest you would miss an important clue. That`s the place where Mercury emerges a winner. ...Read full review
The film is set amidst a group of five deaf and dumb friends who accidentally kill a man (Prabhu Deva) during a road journey. Appalled with their ghostly crime, they cremate the body in a nearby forest. But to their bad luck, the dead man comes live and makes their life hell. Well, how does all this happen forms the entire crux of the film. ...Read full review
A set of five deaf-and mute friends find themselves being picked up and killed one by one a blind-and-mute Prabhudheva over the course of one night. The playground for this massacre is an old warehouse, which has been abandoned for years after a mercury poisoning disaster. Ironically, the characters in the story are all connected to that same tragedy which occurred years ago, in one way or the other. I want to tell you more but it would be spoiling the fun. ...Read full review