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12 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 35 mins
26,025 votes
5 13839
4 7543
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In the city of Bareilly (UP), aspiring boxer Shravan (Vineeth) slogs day and night to achieve his dream of being a recognised boxer. Things go awry when he falls in love with a high caste, mute girl who happens to be the niece of his arch nemesis, the head of the state boxing federation, Bhagwandas Mishra.

Mukkabaaz is a beautiful love story of a boxer and deals with social and political elements.
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Verdict: This Anurag Kashyap film is more entertaining than dark. Anurag Kashyap has his own style of storytelling, with the main ingredient being realism. He perfectly manages to bring in the local dialect and culture in his movies, making it all the more relatable and a treat for cinema lovers. Mukkabaaz is another addition to []... ...Read full review
Mukkabaaz may be the story of an underdog- a steel-willed boxer in an `Indian sports film`. But beneath, it has a love story as its core. The major part of the film keeps you glued to the screen- making you laugh, cry and most importantly think! ...Read full review
While the film is essentially a love story that lands some hard punches on the social stigmas through boxing, the bouts are as real as they can be. The one featuring professional boxer Neeraj Goyat will strap you to the edge of your seat. ...Read full review
A boxing melodrama, Mukkabaaz refuses to be boxed in. It is at its best when the gloves are off. That is when it throws well-targeted hooks at the unbridled brutalities of the baddie - a ruthless custodian of upper-caste privilege who runs the Bareilly district boxing federation at his own whims and fancies - and, by extension, at the toxic forces that the thuggish MLC and his henchmen represent. ...Read full review
The vernacular approach to an universal story, Every punch by Vineet Kumar Singh reminding us how he literally has spent every last drop of his blood, sweat, and tears & Anurag Kashyap returning back to his home ground. ...Read full review
Just as the halls had filled with movies from a time when audiences screamed in joy when love won over its enemies, Anurag Kashyaps new film Mukkabaaz unfolded with a new rendition of the eternal ingredient of literature and of cinema: Love. And within it, there is another story, of the world that love is surrounded by: Hate. ...Read full review
With his last two duds Bombay Velvet (2015) and Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016), writer-director Anurag Kashyap has been clearly made industrys question mark. Tagged as one of the most intelligent directors of our country, Anurag saw a lull after his form of storytelling didnt create a spark with the audience. The director is back with yet another engaging story which is the journey of a rising boxer who meets challenges to achieve name and fame. Love story being the core premise of Mukkabaaz, Anurag packs a punch with its subtext of boxing. ...Read full review
Anurag Kashyap, the torchbearer of gritty cinema in modern times, is back with Mukkabaaz. The film is the account of the travails of a passionate Rajput boxer in Bareilly who falls in love with the niece of a Brahmin boxing honcho. Enraged, the local Baahubali decides to make life hell for the young man. This is just one of the aspects of this multi-layered film. Mukkabaaz talks about the caste prejudice, corruption, and of course the overall incompetency/sycophancy that determines the lives and aspirations of young people in small town India. All the elements are told through a love story, which has rebellion and passion in equal measure. ...Read full review
The opening scene begins with the lead pair exchanging glances and in the very next, he knocks out her uncle over a trivial altercation. Agreed, a boxer would respond to situations with his fist. But why would he jeopardise his career by throwing one at the head of the boxing federation? ...Read full review
As I exited the theatre after watching Mukkabaaz, I wondered, will any actor this year be able to top what Vineet Kumar Singh has done in this film? There is of course the remarkable physical transformation his granite body seems built to be punished in ring. But even greater, the internal transformation. ...Read full review
Mukkabaaz, directed by Anurag Kashyap, is a film about many things at once. On the surface its a boxing movie, your classic underdog template. Its also a heartfelt love story, a ruthless revenge saga, and pretty ballsy social and political commentary about our times. Thats a lot to stuff into a single film, and as a result its overlong and occasionally rambling. ...Read full review
In Anurag Kashyap`s Mukkabaaz, the ghosts of Kashyap`s past lurk and show their heads at peculiar times. Mukkabaaz, a film about a boxer and about boxing as a metaphor, is probably his least violent film. Gratuitous violence is a minute or two away but the Kashyap of Mukkabaaz is more interested in the process of getting there (and the caste violence that is more social than physical). ...Read full review