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Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi
Dhol, Dhokla aur Dhickkyaon

Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi

15 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 00 mins
1,828 votes
5 511
4 212
3 307
2 225
1 559
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Hasmukh Patel, a conservative Gujarati, and the owner of a grocery shop hates Punjabis. But, as destiny would have it, Guggi Tandon, a flamboyant Punjabi second-hand car dealer comes to live in the Gujju society near Patel's house. His arrival triggers many fights between him and Hasmukh Patel, leading to a series of comedic situations. To make matters worse for the two, Monty, Tandon's son tries to woo Patel's daughter, Pooja. Will the Tandon family win the hearts of their Gujarati neighbors and why does Patel hate Punjabi's so much, forms the crux.
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Verdict: Rishi Kapoor-Paresh Rawal save the day. This year has probably had the most wedding movies cinema has ever seen - Running Shaadi, Baaraat Company, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Badrinath Ki Dulhania, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha - we could go on. Joining the list is Vir Das, Paresh Rawal and Rishi Kapoor's rom-com, []... ...Read full review
Hasmukh Patel (Paresh Rawal), a conservative Gujarati shopkeeper who lives in a gated gated society has a list of dislikes which include alcohol, non-veg food and Punjabis. Patel`s new neighbor, Guggi Tandon (Rishi Kapoor), is an unholy mix of all that the latter hates. Tandon is a chicken lollipop chomping, whiskey slugging, bashful Punjabi who opens a garage right in front of Patel`s shop. Tandon also has a son Monty (Vir Das), who is quite like him and falls for Patel`s daughter Pooja (Payal Ghosh). A harrowed Patel tries every trick in the book to evict the Tandons, but to his horror, Pooja, too, is fond of the roguish yet good natured Monty. This intensifies the rivalry between the two families. ...Read full review
The film promises a Punjabi wedding for a Patel family, but it doesn`t deliver the said premise till the last 5 minutes of a 2-hour runtime. Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi is more a squabble between Punjabis and Gujaratis, rather than a wedding featuring two contrasting cultures. A run-of-the-mill boy meets girl romance where the Punjabi lad has to work towards convincing his Gujaratis girlfriend`s dad for marriage. ...Read full review
Monty Tandon (Vir Das) is talking to his neighbour Pooja Patel (Pooja Ghosh) in Gujarati-dominated Adarsh Society in Mumbai. He looks the other way for a minute and Pooja is gone. What he spontaneously spits out is saali kutti. Then the camera lowers and we see a dog. ...Read full review
Regional stereotypes delivered comedy in Hindi cinema at a time when a South Indian slipping on a banana would invariably evoke an aiyoo and a Bengali would roll his words through a fixed pout. Some TV shows still lean on these tropes but for a full-length feature to reduce itself to such a desperate formula is almost criminal and writer (also the director) Sanjay Chel should be sentenced to watching films made in the last decade to be apprised on whats happening on this side of the century. A dialogue in the film has a father enlightening his daughter on the three virtues that make an ideal woman look, book and cook. Yes, if youre wondering, she has them all. ...Read full review
A few years back at an informal luncheon meeting in Delhi, a major male Hindi film star tried to convince a bunch of us journalists that Bollywood`s portrayal of the boisterous Punjabi/Sikh is not a stereotype but a 100 percent reflection of reality. "I am telling you this although I`m a Punjabi myself," he said in response to our vehement disagreement. "Tell me, can you name even one quiet Sardar?" ...Read full review
Formula films are easy to make. Hire two bankable actors - usually, the hero and heroine pair up - but in this case, it is Rishi Kapur and Paresh Rawal for Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi and a known troupe around them - Vir Das, Payal Ghosh, Prem Chopra and Divya Seth - and get them to say peppy dialogues, involve a love angle and voila! a film is born. ...Read full review