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The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water

16 Feb, 2018
2 hrs 04 mins
10,543 votes
5 4732
4 3131
3 1586
2 492
1 584
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Circa 1962, amidst the cold war era in America, Elisa, a mute worker in the classified high-security government laboratory lives a lonely life. However, her life changes completely when she and her co-worker, Zelda discover the dark truth about a secret experiment.
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Verdict: Beauty and the Beast with an amphibian twist! After movies like Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy franchise, Guillermo del Toro is back with an enchanting tale of an unusual and sweet romance. The Shape of Water has been deemed as one of the best movies of 2017. Stacked with multiple Oscar nods, the story has []... ...Read full review
Guillermo del Toro, like most of his peers whove managed to make some sort of mark in Hollywood, owns a house in Los Angeles. While it is located in a relatively affluent neighbourhood, and wouldnt draw a second glance from passers-by it could be the home of the Dursleys, as far as the unremarkable suburban exterior is concerned it is, on the inside, a veritable house of horrors. ...Read full review
She cant speak, he cant talk, and in this classic Del Toro world, of dreams and nightmares, nothing anyone else says is of any consequence. Fairytale-like in its basic storytelling, interspersed with a lot of talk about the God and the Bible, and a surprising amount of sex, The Shape of Water is more Creature from the Black Lagoon but is also Beauty and the Beast, with snatches of OHenrys The Last Leaf thrown in. What lifts it above these obvious derivatives is the loneliness and love it captures and puts on screen. ...Read full review
Love can be found in the strangest places and Elisa stumbles upon it in a lab. Ironically, while the creature is trapped and tortured by Strickland for being dangerous, it is that very monster thats most compassionate when it comes to Elisa. He sees her and acknowledges her existence unlike the rest. The creature makes her feel alive and worthy of being loved something we all yearn for. ...Read full review
The Shape of Water almost feels like Guillermo Del Toros reactionary movie to Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak. While both those movies were fun they never reached the levels of his previous work like Pans Labyrinth, so the tone, style and quality of this film is an all too obvious ploy by the filmmaker to reclaim some of his lost glory. ...Read full review
There is no one quite like Guillermo del Toro, a director who conjures up worlds more vivid than the fantasy of our dreams, a filmmaker who re-imagines traditional fairy tales and weaves them into unforgettable stories. The Shape of Water is his latest cinematic adventure, depicting a beautiful romance between an aquatic man and a mute woman. ...Read full review
Guillermo del Toros films are often as sensuously contorted as the beasts that lurk within them, but his latest is a pretzel-twist of pure strangeness, even by his standards. The Shape of Water is the story of a human woman who has an illicit love affair with a swamp monster, and is played with all the swoony sincerity of a classic thwarted romance. ...Read full review
Guillermo del Toros visually ravishing fantasy romance The Shape of Water almost drowns in its own gorgeousness. It is a Beauty and the Beast fable where both get to be beautiful and neither has to be beastly. The two of them are part of a world that Del Toro has dreamed into existence with authority, confidence and miraculous detail. ...Read full review
The Shape of Water is a love story set in the 1960s. The lovers are a mute cleaning lady and an amphibian man who has a muscled torso but also scales and gills. On paper, it sounds preposterous. On screen, it is poetry. Guillermo del Toros film is fantastical, gorgeous, nutty and so moving that I wept. ...Read full review