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The Wolf of Wall Street
Based on the life of Jordan Belfort, the wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street

03 Jan, 2014
2 hrs 57 mins
581 votes
5 437
4 86
3 19
2 4
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A young stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, after losing his job due to the demonic Black Monday of 1987 in the US goes on to build a huge business empire by immoral means.
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Verdict: A beautiful portrait of an agonizing tale of faith. A 26-year gestation period is finally over as Martin Scorsese`s long-awaited baby Silence hits the theatres after overcoming multiple hurdles. Exploring the dark side of human nature and society forms the core of all his movies. Silence is special for Martin as elements like gore, []... ...Read full review
How does this Scorsese guy do it? 71 years old and hes still at the top of his game with the energy of a 22-year-old. The Wolf of Wall Street will do two things to you: 1) It makes you laugh till your sides hurt, and 2) It makes you take a shower ASAP. Because its a rare movie that makes you laugh and makes you feel guilty for laughing. Debauchery has never been captured so sharply on screen before and The Wolf of Wall Street is a three hour long drunk story, cautionary tale and horror movie rolled into one. Its spectacular. Its repulsive. Its the Goodfellas of the modern-day gangsters (read: investment bankers) and its Scorseses best effort since The Departed. ...Read full review
The Wolf of Wall Street can really please the senses. Just remember to forget your humanity for a while, says Paloma Sharma. Heres whats interesting about Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) - his obscene money, his extravagant parties and his absolutely disregard for anyone but himself. ...Read full review
The Wolf of Wall Street opens with a montage of such debauchery, its appalling and fascinating at the same time. Leonardo DiCaprio, playing real-life stockbroker-scamster Jordan Belfort, tosses midgets across his office floor, crash-lands a helicopter while stoned out of his mind, and snorts cocaine off a hookers ass. All this in the first five minutes. The film carries on, much in the same vein, for three hours. Based on Belforts own memoir about getting insanely rich from conning investors, The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese, is a delirious, manic black comedy about an amoral but magnetic protagonist so consumed by greed that he makes Gordon Gekko look like the Pope in comparison. ...Read full review