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Touch Chesi Chudu

Touch Chesi Chudu

02 Feb, 2018
2 hrs 27 mins
26,907 votes
5 7837
4 5502
3 6813
2 3266
1 3471
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Touch Chesi Chudu is an action-packed entertainer that chronicles the life of Karthikeya, a dedicated and duty-minded police officer, who struggles to draw a balance between his personal and professional life.
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Verdict: A commercial entertainer aimed at mass audience. After making a successful comeback with Raja The Great, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is now here with another action entertainer Touch Chesi Chudu. Directed by debutante Vikram Sirikonda, the movie also has Raashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor and Freddy Daruwala in prominent roles. The music and the background []... ...Read full review
If you`re a Ravi Teja fan, or have seen enough of his movies, then you know pretty much know what to expect. Good humour, punch dialogues (delivered in his inimitable style) and action-packed storyline had earned him the title `Mass Maharaja`, and brought him some of his biggest hits. ...Read full review
Karthik (Ravi Teja) is a thorough-going family man working for a company. His lectures on the importance of one`s family can border on the inane. A doting father (Jayaprakash), an equally doting mother, a funny grandma (Annapurnamma as a maker of worst food) and two sisters complete his family. ...Read full review
Touch Chesi Chudu is indistinguishable from the countless commercial entertainers in Tollywood star Ravi Tejas career. Kartikeya (Ravi Teja), a businessman in Pondicherry, has madly dedicated himself to the service of his family members. Even anyone casually mentions the word family, he gets on with his sermon on how much one should love his family. ...Read full review
Touch Chesi Choodu is the kind of film where the title has the exact opposite effect of what it intends to convey. Here, the title is meant to be a bold statement about a mans bravado and machismo, but instead, what we get in the end is oodles of boredom served in super slow-motion. ...Read full review
Karthikeya(Ravi Teja) is a man who keeps his family first before everything. As time passes by, he falls in love with Pushpa(Raashi Khanna) and when things seem to be going fine, he suddenly comes across a dreaded criminal called Irfan with whom he shares a dreaded past. Who is this Irfan? What does he have to do with Karthikeya? and what is the backstory to all this? To know the answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen. ...Read full review
Kartikeya (Ravi Teja) a powerful police official was the cause of a death due to his overdrive leading to his suspension. Thereafter he set up an industry and spent time with family His father Jayaprakash wanted him to marry Pushpa ( Rasi Khanna ) but a rough and tough hero hurts her and Rashi rejects him though she liked him. But both reject each other in a gameplay. Meanwhile, heroine witnesses murder of her sister and tries to get Karthikeya support. ...Read full review
Karthikeya (Ravi Teja), a family person who treasures his family members more than anything, cares for them and is all set to do anything for their happiness. After a stir, Selvam gets connected to the story. Karthikeya reveals an interesting twist and starts chasing Freddy, the antagonist. What is the twist? How are Karthikeya and Selvam connected? What is the conflict between Karthikeya and the antagonist? All these form the rest of the plot. ...Read full review
There was a time, when people used to walk out chortling, after watching `Mass Maharaja` Ravi Teja on screen but this time, they will likely only come away bemused. Although his patent dialogue delivery style and dance moves are intact, the story is too tawdry to be saved by his charm. ...Read full review