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Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Some Missions Are Not A Choice

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

27 Jul, 2018
2 hrs 28 mins
194,028 votes
5 121224
4 51090
3 15324
2 3275
1 3093
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In the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible series -- As the IMF's best man Ethan Hunt's mission goes wrong, the credibility of the agency is questioned by the CIA and the world is faced with a catastrophic threat. Hunt takes it upon himself to save the world and win back the trust that his government had bestowed upon him. Will he and his team fallout or will they succeed in this impossible mission?
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Verdict: Cruise cements his place as an action star once again. Any Tom Cruise film is a big deal, and a Mission: Impossible film is an even bigger deal. Now going on for 22 years, the franchise is still strong and keeps delighting its fans with its freshness. This, in part, has to do with the change of the director with every film, but this time Mission: Impossible - Fallout is directed and writt... ...Read full review
Ethan, Benji and Luther arrive at the meeting point - a dingy alleyway in the dead of night. This is how Mission: Impossible - Fallout begins. Benji cant help but notice that there are no clean escape routes. Hes nervous. Beside him, Ethan is surveying the area, and their options. If they hit a roadblock, theyd be dead in minutes. If the enemy makes a move, theyd be dead in seconds. Its a hairy situation, but theyve been there before. Theyve survived worse before. Together - and Ethan knows this better than anyone - they can do the impossible. So he looks Benji right in his worried eyes, puts on a brave face and says, as earnestly as he can, I wont let anything happen to you, Benji. ...Read full review
There are few things in life more pleasurable than watching Tom Cruise do things. Even if he has been doing the same for 22 years. Really, it has been that long. When Ethan Hunt started out on the big screen (once there was a TV version), Bill Clinton occupied the White House and Boris Yeltsin the Kremlin. The latter two have been done and dusted, but Cruise is still saving the world clad in a leather jacket without breaking a sweat, but often now showing a grey stubble. And this Mission: Impossible, his sixth, may be his best yet, offering not just action that sizzles but action we can largely follow, happening to people we grow to care about. ...Read full review
Some things age like fine wine and in the cinematic world the Mission: Impossible franchise is a great example of the adage. Perhaps it has to do with the 56-year-old Tom Cruise who defies age and pushes his physical boundaries for our viewing pleasure? The answer is quite evident in Fallout as his Ethan Hunt is as good as a caped superhero in the sixth film of the series. The story isn`t all that new with its twists and turns. But Fallout manages to build on the previous films in the series by bringing back old friends and foes, besides adding some new ones. ...Read full review
Keeping with the spirit of the film, let us just cut to the chase Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the best action movie since Fury Road and the best spy thriller since The Bourne Ultimatum. Fast paced, stylish and vastly entertaining, this is not only a reminder of how insane Tom Cruises dedication to delivering big screen thrills is but also a prime example of how movies are originally meant to be watched on the big screen. ...Read full review
Very few things age like fine wine and the Mission Impossible series, with Tom Cruise in the driver`s seat, is just one of them. Mission Impossible Fallout is everything that we`ve expected from the series, be it all the double and triple crossings, and high-octane action sequences, but in an exhilarating package, which does have you holding on to your seat for most of the film. We are reminded firmly why Ethan Hunt is such a classic hero, and why his missions demand your attention. ...Read full review
Its probably worth mentioning even before I tell you anything about the new Mission: Impossible movie that Tom Cruise is 56 years old. Yes, fifty-six. Chew on that as you watch him dangle from a helicopter, leap across rooftops, hang off a cliff, and basically do the kind of things that most men wouldnt voluntarily attempt in their lifetime. ...Read full review