Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

19 Jan, 2018
2 hrs 08 mins
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In the early days of the World War II, as the threat of invasion by the rampaging German Nazi forces led by Hitler is imminent, the fate of Western Europe hangs in the hands of the newly-appointed British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. He must decide whether to negotiate terms with the German dictator or fight against all odds. Whatever he decides will change the course of world history.
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Verdict: Gary Oldman delivers one of his finest performances yet. A political war film about the legendary man, Winston Churchill, played by Gary Oldman, at one of his finest moments of his career. What's Darkest Hour About: Darkest Hour explores the early days of World War II through the perspective of one of the greatest []... ...Read full review
`Darkest Hour` kicks off with Churchill who is reluctantly given the post of PM by King George VI (Ben Mendelsohn) as 300,000 British soldiers are stranded and cornered on the beaches of Dunkirk by Nazi soldiers who have taken over most of Europe. While Christopher Nolan`s `Dunkirk` largely focused on the evacuation of those soldiers from the beaches, `Darkest Hour` documents the days leading up to those events, particularly around Churchill`s thought process before choosing the fate of his country. ...Read full review
Darkest Hour has Oscar bait written all over it Ill be surprised if Gary Oldman who plays Winston Churchill doesnt win the best actor award this year. But its not just his incredible, immersive performance that merits the label. Director Joe Wright and writer Anthony McCarten have created a prestige biopic about an iconic British prime minister. The film is handsomely produced. It has a sweeping soundtrack by Dario Marianelli that effectively pushes audience buttons. ...Read full review
It`s May 1940. Led by Adolf Hitler, the Nazi invasion is in full steam and Western Europe is on the brink of collapse. The political scene in Britain could not have picked a worse time to be in shambles. Shortly after Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is forced to step down, nothing short of a miracle is expected from the man to replace him. ...Read full review
By the time this is over, you will remember the name Bruno Delbonnel. Hes the man who shot Darkest Hour. Chances are, youve seen his work before. You might have subconsciously appreciated his work in a couple of films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie and A Very Long Engagement), and a couple by Alexander Sokurov. ...Read full review
Its hard to feel as enamoured of Winston Churchill in this part of the world than the Western Hemisphere. And we know now of the immense dangers of confusing a leader for his oratory. However, almost nothing can take away from the aura of the man routinely voted as Britons No. 1. ...Read full review
There was a time when biographical dramas used to be about covering the life of the subject from cradle to grave (or old age). However, in recent times, filmmakers have started focusing on certain interesting chapters from the lives of iconic figures and turning them into an intriguing, even if preachy, watch with a certain pace. Joe Wright`s biopic on Britain`s historic Prime Minister Winston Churchill serves as an example of this. ...Read full review
If you liked John Lithgow as Winston Churchill in The Crown, prepare yourselves for a more entertaining version of the man played by Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour. Consider the Bring me EVERYONE line from Leon Oldman as Churchill gives you that kind of intensity for two hours here. The film itself is fairly well made under the tutelage of bombastic English period drama expert Joe Wright. ...Read full review
It is a story that has been recounted time and again, gathering a legend along the way that will be hard to replicate. It was a small matter that the tale was of great historical importance to the world. Darkest Hour focuses not on the life of Winston Churchill, but on the specific period of World War II that he will be remembered for. ...Read full review

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