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Hey Jude

Hey Jude

02 Feb, 2018
2 hrs 26 mins
14,355 votes
5 7882
4 3271
3 1726
2 480
1 976
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The story centers around two odd ball characters- one is a youngster from Fort Kochi named Jude and the other, a talented singer from Goa named Crystal. When these two characters come together, their lives undergo several changes, leading to love, self-discovery, healing and transformation.
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Verdict: Nivin Pauly is a treat and Hey Jude is a delight! Director Shyamaprasad`s third film with Nivin Pauly, Hey Jude is a feel-good movie that makes you think, feel, relate and ride along with Jude. The movie features renowned South Indian actress Trisha Krishnan for the first time in Malayalam, along with other prominent []... ...Read full review
Jude`s past experiences have been so overpowering that it has cast a shadow on his persona, making him a walking talking automated machine. His father Dominic and his sibling Andrea, in addition to the entire world, perceive him as an eccentric person, and his ways of behavior often leave people completely baffled. ...Read full review
"It`s easy to deal with numbers, but emotions are complicated," says Jude, the protagonist in Hey Jude directed by Shyamaprasad. Yes, the saga of a super intelligent Anglo-Indian youth Jude (Nivin Pauly) who battles Asperger syndrome and the world around him, is a bit complicated. The film that promised a lot through its trailers and video songs keeps the hopes alive during the early moments. ...Read full review
The ultimate agenda of Hey Jude directed by Shymaprasad is to show us the transformation of an Asperger Syndrome patient. And the slightly disappointing thing is that it is the only area where this movie is failing to convince us. While Nivin Pauly as an actor gives his full to convince the viewer, the screenplay wasnt investing fully into the transformation part and ultimately Hey Jude becomes a really different Shyamaprasad movie that doesnt show much interest in exploring the characters like the way the director did in his previous films. ...Read full review
Jude (Nivin Pauly), Hey Judes titular lead, is both scared of water and fascinated by it. He collects pictures of different aquatic animals - he loves clown fish, jelly fish and gold fish and dreams of owning an aquarium one day. His sister Andrea calls him mummas boy; his father, Dominic, calls him a genius and his mother is always worried about his well-being. ...Read full review
Jude is a quintessential Shyamaprasad heroflawed, eccentric, unpleasant and in no hurry to please anyone. The narrative, terrain and characterisation, are all typical of the directors style but the script also meanders into a territory he has never experimented with before. Feel-good. Hey Jude, is the Shyamaprasad-esque version of happy, breezy, motivational cinema. But with all his tropes intact. ...Read full review
At the end of Hey Jude, I had mixed feelings. While director-writer Shyamaprasad has created pleasant characters in the backdrop of a breezy Goa, he takes his own sweet time to establish the problems of Jude and other characters in the film. ...Read full review
Hey Jude has been in the news all along for its powerhouse cast comprising Nivin Pauly and Trisha, who makes her Malayalam debut. Hey Jude is directed by Shyamaprasad with help from Nirmal Sahadev and George Kanatt in the screenplay department. ...Read full review
The story of Hey Jude revolves around the character named Jude, who is an oddball. Jude and his family originally belongs to Fort Kochi but later, they shift to Goa. Jude meets a girl named Crystal, and the movie narrates their journey together. ...Read full review
Hey Jude is a story of self-discovery. Albeit, a slow, run-of-the-mill one which could have done with a few pacey moments to make it more redeemable. And while the film has given its central characters Nivin Pauly and Trisha, a chance to experiment with their characters, it nails director Shyamaprasad`s reputation - of trailing the human emotion in a unique manner. ...Read full review