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Khajoor Pe Atke

Khajoor Pe Atke

18 May, 2018
1 hrs 59 mins
905 votes
5 303
4 168
3 197
2 94
1 129
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It takes all kinds to make an Item family. On hearing news that one family member in Mumbai, Devendar, may pass off anytime soon, his siblings - Jeetendar, Ravindar and Lalita, rush down to be with him and his family for support, along with their families from across the country. It's another matter that Devendar's wife and son would prefer to not deal with his truly 'item family' all at once.

The film is a tongue-in-cheek look at what a typical family goes through when on the outside one is supposed to behave politically correct but from the inside, each one is desperately frustrated and restless due to the tormenting uncertainty.
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Verdict: A slice-of-life dramedy that makes chuckle throughout. Actor-turned-writer Harsh Chhaya makes his directorial debut this week with Khajoor Pe Atke. He has given it all in this movie, with writing and directing it, to also singing one of the songs. The tongue-in-cheek humor of the movie is all you need to get your dose of quirks this weekend. What`s Khajoor Pe Atke About: The film revolve... ...Read full review
Hilarity ensues when a member of the Sharma family tethers between life and death as his relatives from across the country set up camp in Mumbai waiting for the inevitable that seems to have been delayed, indefinitely. ...Read full review
Khajoor Pe Atke is a dark comedy revolving around a probable death in a family, but the film never touches the required urgency to ensure that the audience remembers it for long. ...Read full review
Whether it is someone leaving to go abroad or a person going in for surgery, you can bet on the great big Indian family showing up for all momentous occasions. Its much the same in Harsh Chhayas comic-drama, Khajoor Pe Atke. News of a brothers health being vaguely fragile results in a network of phone calls, flight and train bookings, justifications and then a reunion of siblings, nieces and nephews in a Mumbai hospital waiting area. ...Read full review
The story has a huge family living in different parts of the country, which used to be a joint family at some point of time. Devender, whos the middle child of the family is admitted and this news brings Jeetender (Manoj Pahwa), Ravinder (Vinay Pathak), Lalli Di (Dolly Ahluwalia) and their families together in Mumbai. ...Read full review
Brothers Ravinder Sharma (Vinay Pathak) and Jeetender Sharma (Manoj Pahwa), and their sister, Lalita (Dolly Ahluwalia) rush to Mumbai when they are told that their kid brother is on his death bed. While it may seem all benign and rather sensitive of them, truth is that they are eyeing the flat that the youngest brother had inherited from their father. They, along with their families, descend in the city of dreams with hopes in their eyes. Their families, however, have agendas of their own. Since they live in small towns, the city excites them and it is this that lands them in trouble a lot of times, even as their parents wait it out for the imminent death. ...Read full review
Had debutant director Harsh Chhaya gone the whole hog to expose the hypocritical, self-serving institution of relatives and relationships, Khajoor Pe Atke would have been a paisa vasool film. ...Read full review
Devender the second of three brothers is in the coma and later put on a ventilator. His siblings Jeetender (Manoj Pahwa), Ravinder (Vinay Pathak), and Lalita (Dolly Ahluwalia) live in different parts of India and hurry to Mumbai with their broods to be with the brothers family in this difficult time. His condition neither improves nor worsens, keeping everyones private life in limbo as they wait it out in the hospital. The younger lot of set about exploring Mumbai and get into a lot of misadventures while Jeetenders daughter Nayantara (Sanah Kapur) falls in tangles of a romeo type who promises to make her a heroine. Then there is also the fate of Mumbai property at stake. ...Read full review