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24 Aug, 2017
2 hrs 23 mins
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When the former head of an elite counter-terrorism squad goes rogue, a group of agents are assembled in a bid to bring him down. But is there more to the enigma surrounding him than meets the eye?
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Verdict: It`s a hattrick of blockbusters for the Ajith-Siva combo. Almost after two years, Ajith is back to grace the silver screen with Vivegam. The highly anticipated and ambitious movie opened today. And right from the opening shot it is evident that Ajith is here to make up for his absence of two years. Ajay []... ...Read full review
Vivegam is an over-the-top but engaging action thriller with a calculated mix of brawn and brain, action and sentiment, smartly pandering to fans while giving families something to connect with. Right from the moment the film begins, it is all about one man Ajay Kumar or AK (Ajith Kumar). ...Read full review
It has been nearly two years since the last Ajith film released. Now, with Vivegam, he is back as an international secret agent and a one-man demolition squad in this thriller helmed by his favourite director Siva. Vivegam is a slickly made film, which engages Ajith`s fans with non-stop action, keeping the stars larger than life, macho, hero image in mind. ...Read full review
When James Bond weds Rambo and goes for a honeymoon at picture postcard locales in Europe, the offshoot would probably be similar to Vivegam, the Thala Ajith Kumar starrer. ...Read full review
Ajith fans must be mighty excited to see their favourite star on screen after 20 months. Yes, he is finally back, and it is not with one of those typical commercial films that Ajith acts time and again; Vivegam is promoted as an international spy thriller, something that is new to Tamil cinema. So it is a costly experiment shouldering on the mass image of Thala Ajith. ...Read full review
Ajiths highly anticipated Vivegam is an ambitious film, both in terms of scale and making, but not all such attempts, particularly in this case, deserve praise. Siva and Ajith have teamed up for the third time in Vivegam, and they desperately try to take things up a notch by setting their story against a lavish, international backdrop, only to fail miserably in the process and churn out a half baked product which is fuelled by great action. ...Read full review
After delivering the super hit `Veeram` and the blockbuster `Vedalam` director Siva has teamed up with Ajith for the third time for `Vivegam` which is much much bigger in scale as well as pre-release expectations. Let`s see how the film has come out. ...Read full review
Vivegam narrates the story of AK, who is one of the high profile spy agents. During a crucial mission, things turn against him and even his family is pushed to danger. A group of agents are now assigned to track him down and how AK comes out of this, has been shown in Vivegam. ...Read full review
The film opens with highly-skilled assassin Ajay Kumar (Ajith) leading a one-man mission to secure a device that contains details of activating a nuclear weapon. He worms into the enemy lines and wreaks havoc. ...Read full review
The much awaited Vivegam has finally hit theatres worldwide! Ajith Kumar was returning to the screen after almost two years fans were obviously excited. To add to it, he was teaming up with Siva, who has had two hits with previously. The combination was looked forward with great anticipation. One thing was made clear right from the beginning This si not going to be your typical massy hero film. ...Read full review
When you`re in a mass-hero film, two important aspects are prerequisite. One: Whether it has a panoply of mass scenes to make your theatre experience... deafening. And two, whether it caters to the star`s fans. Barring these two, anything that remotely sets off the mood of fans has to be overlooked. After all, it`s a star vehicle, right? In that sense, Vivegam is satisfying Ajith Kumar film (both on and off screen). ...Read full review
Vivegam (Prudence) is a big-hero movie, so lets begin with the big hero introduction shot. Were in a Serbian forest, where Evil Man No. 1 is selling a hard disk to Evil Man No. 2. One of them calls himself ruler of Russian mafia, which instantly raises a few questions. For instance: Is the Russian mafia like a kingdom, where the head isnt just a don but a ruler? ...Read full review
Ajay Kumar (AK) is the member of the counter terrorist squad, a global force. He has five friends in the force and life was risky and at the same time happy for Ajay. One day he gets this new mission to find a girl who knows the code to deactivate a nuclear bomb that has been placed in India. He decides to hunt the girl down, but at the end certain dramatic twists happen. ...Read full review

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