Shivaji Guruvayoor

  • Actor

Dec 27, 1960  in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Also Known as: Shivaji, Guruvayoor Shivaji

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Shivaji Guruvayoor is a veteran Indian actor who is noted for his work in Malayalam cinema. Having made his debut with Vachanam in 1990, over the years, the actor has starred in more than 100 films. His other notable films include Mulla (2008), Pulliman (2010), Spirit (2012), KL 10 Patthu (2015), Kappiri Thuruthu (2016) and Basheerinte Premalekhanam (2017), a romantic comedy directed by Aneesh Anwar. He is associated with the 2017 movie Karutha Joodhan and Onpatham Valavinappuram. His 2018 releases include Savari and Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar. His 2019 releases include Ningal Camera Nireekshanathilaanu, Kantharam, Arayakadavil and Lucifer. His 2019 release includes My Great Grandfather, directed by Aneesh Anwar.