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Airlift is an uplifting and entertaining edge-of-the-seat thriller and is the story of the biggest ever human evacuation


22 Jan, 2016
2 hrs 05 mins
145,979 votes
5 93279
4 40517
3 9721
2 1274
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Airlift is a high-voltage period drama that brings to screen the untold story of the world`s largest human evacuation ever.

Airlift is an edge-of-the-seat entertaining thriller. The story, based on a true event, is set in 1990 in Kuwait, the time of the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The film has Akshay Kumar, playing Ranjit Katyal, a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman, who initially considers himself a Kuwaiti rather than an Indian. But after finding himself and the lives of his family in danger, eventually becomes the man who helps evacuate 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait and brings them back safely to India. Over 59 days, 488 Air India commercial airliners were flown into a war zone to evacuate 170,000 Indians and bring them back home safely.

Airlift is the story of the largest human evacuation in history, which has also found its way to the Guinness Book Of World Records. In a cynical world, where one often wonders what the country has done for them, this is a stark reminder of what the country did, not for one or ten, but for 170,000 of its own. An event which has almost been lost in the sands of history, but an event we all need to remember.
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Verdict: A brilliant depiction of a true story. Making a film about a real life story doesn`t necessarily result in good cinema. A lot of the time makers botch up facts, and to commercialize the film, they pay less attention to the storyline. It`s a good thing that Akshay Kumar`s latest film, Airlift isn`t []... ...Read full review
Is Akshay Kumar Bollywoods answer to Ben Affleck? Well, going by the choices he`s making, clearly the actor`s Khiladi Kumar days seem over. Well, Airlift is no Argo, and thank god for that, who wants to watch a washed down version of a successful and critically acclaimed Hollywood film? In fact Airlift revolves around a situation and crises that is ten times dire and worse than the one in Argo. ...Read full review
Airlift understands the genre it occupies. It understands the colours that black-and-white portraits of history need to be painted with. It understands that the scale of an extraction drama often comes down to the people it represents - their lives, moods, conflicts, resolutions, quirks and individual journeys. ...Read full review
Raja Krishna Menon`s Airlift isn`t about a true story; it`s based on true events. This is a term most commonly used in Hollywood - when some aspect of a real incident is taken and then padded with fiction so that the film could be positioned as a `true` story. Airlift too, as revealed to us by its makers in the beginning and end of the film, falls in the same format. Loaded with fictional characters and circumstances, Airlift therefore, falls into the realm of a regular drama/thriller, with a few real-life references. ...Read full review
Airlift is a film that every Indian, and every Bollywood buff despairing for genuinely high quality storytelling, must watch. ...Read full review