Shaadi Ke Side Effects
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Shaadi Ke Side Effects

28 Feb, 2014
2 hrs 31 mins
176 votes
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A sequel to 2006 rom-com `Pyaar Ke Side Effects` takes the viewers a step ahead with Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Revolving around the pros and cons of marriage, the film starring Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan is a laugh riot.
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Shaadi Ke Side Effects (SKSE) brings to life the iconic characters, Sid(dharth) and Trisha. This time as husband and wife. They are a happily-married couple. But their life goes topsy-turvy with the arrival of their baby. Romance takes a backseat. Everything is limited to their new born baby, which makes no sense. This leaves the ... ...Read full review
Whats the next step, after pyaar? Shaadi, of course. The side effects of which, experienced warriors of holy matrimony know, can be serious: the lovers who couldnt keep their hands off each other now find themselves grappling with more flesh they had bargained for not only has she put on more weight, and he learnt to be diplomatic about it, they have a tiny bawling new life to take care of.Has baby pooped? What colour and consistency? Burped? Fed? Conversation ranges along these lines. Romance is down to how much diapers cost. And mind-blowing midnight sex? Whats that? ...Read full review
Siddharth Roy and Trisha Mallik, total strangers, meet at a noisy discotheque. A minor squabble reveals that both are married to each other and are just trying to escape from their mundane lives with role-playing over some wine and jarring music.As luck would have it, they end up having a romp - a secret fantasy every man, married or otherwise, desires and for the sake of Shaadi Ke Side Effects (and equality) our woman, Trisha, cherishes too - at a five star hotel. ...Read full review
Early on in `Shaadi Ke Side Effects`, Sid (Farhan Akhtar) reveals his secret to avoiding confrontations with his wife Trisha (Vidya Balan): When I`m in the wrong, I say sorry. When she`s in the wrong, I say sorry. Later on in the film, when he senses that his wife has begun leaning on their neighbor (Purab Kohli) for the smallest of chores, he says: I`m feeling a bit like Sehwag. I played two matches poorly and they`ve replaced me with a younger batsman. Peppered with such gems, the film, co-written and directed by Saket Chaudhury, is funny and clever and surprisingly perceptive about marriage and parenthood, even if it does quickly run out of steam in the absence of any tangible conflict. ...Read full review



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