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Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
23 Feb, 2018
2 hrs 18 mins
17,152 votes
5 6157
4 3661
3 3698
2 1616
1 1934
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Sketch, a young man from north Madras is the trusted henchman of a local loan shark. Entrusted with the duty of seizing vehicles from the defaulters, Sketch does a commendable job. All goes well for him and his friends until he unwittingly seizes a local gang lord's prized possession, a vintage Fiat and pays the price for it.
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Verdict: With a PSA, the film takes twists and turns after almost every scene. Set in North Chennai, Sketch is your basic Tamil ``mass`` film as you'd call it, with the plotline mostly based on a rowdy gang and moral justifications for their doings. Albeit a story of a gang, this film played well with []... ...Read full review
Jeeva aka Sketch (Vikram) is the go-to guy in a north Madras-based garage run by Settu (Hareesh Peradi). He is also in charge for seizing the vehicles of loan defaulters. It was when Durai (Aruldoss), who was once the reliable guy of Settu got injured that Sketch, the former`s nephew, replaced him. Ravi (RK Suresh), who was once Durai`s aide, isn`t happy with Settu for making Sketch his right hand. ...Read full review
Director Vijay Chandars Sketch (who last made the Simbu-starrer Vaalu) is one of those films set in north Madras gangster backdrop that has all style but no substance. It rides completely on Vikrams star image and he does everything in his ability to save the film from turning into an ordeal to sit through. Despite his sincere efforts, the film struggles to stay afloat till the end except for a few action sequences that may appeal to the masses. ...Read full review
Vikrams Sketch is a typical Tamil mass template entertainer that has its shining moments, though far and few. It works to a certain extent due to Vikrams charisma and style, and with the ease that he does mass commercials. Vikram flaunts his swag with lan and style, and doesnt look his age. ...Read full review
About five minutes into Sketch, you get Vikrams intro and the song Atchi Butchi. As the song was playing, I looked around the theater twice just to ensure that I hadnt travelled back in time and was watching Gemini. The song feels dangerously close to O Podu a grungy looking Vikram dancing in the streets with a supposedly cool hand gesture. ...Read full review
Chiyaan Vikram certainly took the audience by surprise when he chose one-film-old director Vijay Chandar. And when the director revealed that the story is set in north Chennai, Vikram`s fans began celebrating early. Why? Because this is a territory that the actor has explored several times and has come out with flying colours. ...Read full review
The story of Sketch is set against the backdrop of North Chennai, which is also known as Vada Chennai. Sketch, whose real name is Jeeva, works under a financier named Sett. Sketch`s main job is to seize the vehicles of all those who don`t pay back the money on time. One day, he is assigned with a similar task, but it leads to a bit of troubles. ...Read full review
The year was 2002 and I still remember the smile of satisfaction I had while walking out of the theatres, holding my parents` hands. Vikram`s Gemini had come out and it was easily one of the most enjoyable films of that decade. Of course, the actor has come a long way since then and has done similar roles in films such as Bheema and Rajapattai. ...Read full review