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22 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 15 mins
9,207 votes
5 3206
4 1870
3 1901
2 943
1 1181
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'Bhoomi' is an emotional, revenge drama that centres around the relationship between a father and daughter.
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Verdict: Omung Kumar's Bhoomi is about a father's revenge for his daughter's pride, served right. Omung Kumar is known for biopics, especially after directing Mary Kom and Sarbjit. With Bhoomi, he has ventured into the commercial Bollywood formula, with Sanjay Dutt playing an age-appropriate role and acing it. The movie is about a dotting father-daughter []... ...Read full review
Distasteful as it may sound, rape and retribution seem to dominating Bollywood. After Maatr and Mom, Omung Kumar, who showed a spark with Mary Kom, seems to have fallen into the trap of making formula. ...Read full review
Somewhere near mid-point of the revenge drama Bhoomi, a moustachioed character, that is a fitter extrapolation of a 1980s Hindi movie villain, taunts a grieving and seething father. ...Read full review
This has been a year of rape-revenge thrillers. But unlike the previous two (Mom, Maatr) where a mother exacts revenge from the perps, this one explores the wrath of a father. That such films follow a typical course, limits its scope and ability to surprise. ...Read full review
So finally, we are able to see Sanjay Dutt on big screen after a long time, that too in a leading role. Bhoomi marks the comeback of the immensely popular actor, who had to take a break from acting to complete his jail sentence ...Read full review
Sanjay Dutt is a helpless man on a mission. He`s back on screen with `Bhoomi`, portraying the pains of fatherhood after a three-year hiatus to enjoy its pleasures, off it. ...Read full review
After almost three years, Bollywood biggie Sanjay Dutt is back to take the silver screen by storm. Yes, his comeback film `Bhoomi` has arrived in the theatres already and his fans are happy to the core. But, after a long gap, are Baba`s acting skills still intact to deliver a breakthrough performance once again? Well, let`s find out. ...Read full review
Bhoomi is a revenge drama that tries a lot to be bold, brave and advocate feminism but wants to stay in the comfort zone of a typical Bollywood masala film. The result is stereotypes, over-the-top melodrama and a predictable story. ...Read full review
Rape and revenge sagas are a done to death concept. The 80s and 90s had dozens of such flicks where women wronged, took to vigilante justice, hunting their perpetrators down with blood and violence. Omung Kumar`s Bhoomi is a genre faithful. It has a jaded storyline but its presented with modern twists and filmmaking technique. An old as the hills story, told in a snazzy manner. ...Read full review
Sanjay Dutts umpteenth comeback is a 70s style worn-out rape and revenge film, reeking of staleness. Under the guise of striking a blow for feminism, Bhoomi is, mostly, disturbingly voyeuristic. ...Read full review
It probably makes sense for Sanjay Dutt to play a slurring drunkard in Bhoomi. It makes it okay for the returning hero to look like he has forgotten his lines. More grizzled than ever, Dutt lurches through Bhoomi speaking all his dialogues - from the prayers in an aarti to a declaration of bloody vengeance - in the same dopey monotone. At one point his daughter comes and stands next to him at a store, and he sees her, looks away, turns back and, like an afterthought, mutters "Arre, Bhoomi tu?" ...Read full review
A lot has been written about the comeback of Sanjay Dutt with the highly anticipated Bhoomi. The film, directed by Omung Kumar, is a typical revenge drama throwback to the 90`s, set in Agra. However, it has no surprise element to hold on till the last frame and is predictable to the core. Catering to the small town audiences, Bhoomi is filled with great action and Sanjay Dutt`s larger than life performance. ...Read full review
There was enough hype around Bhoomi, as it was Sanjay Dutt`s comeback film. Well, he could have waited a little longer. Cut to the essentials, the film is intended to be a drama about a father taking revenge for his daughter`s mistreatment. Except, this is done in Bollywood style, involving gundas, glitzy item songs with Sunny Leone, and an overdose of emotion, which the weary audience is just not able to relate to. ...Read full review
Blatantly exploitative and excessive, Bhoomi treats rape as less of a trauma and more of a tool to create a nauseous atmosphere of torture and stigma. ...Read full review