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18 May, 2018
2 hrs 13 mins
2,098 votes
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Bharat, a successful doctor in the US is faced with adversity when his mother is admitted to his hospital due to kidney failure. He tries to donate his own kidney but finds out that he is adopted. Thus begins a journey of Bharat trying to find his biological parents in India.
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An Indian doctor in the US, haunted by a recurring nightmare, learns that he is adopted, and comes to India to know his real roots. Where does his search lead him to? ...Read full review
Vijay Antonys Bharath leads a perfect life - a successful thoracic surgeon in America, he owns a multi-specialty hospital and has a loving family. There is one wrinkle though - a nightmare that haunts him incessantly. He sees a bull charging at a boy as the childs mother yells at him to run. Before he can find out what happens next, he wakes up. His parents are worried about this and we see them discussing it too. ...Read full review
Vijay Antony is the most successful composer-turned-hero in Kollywood right now, due to his choice of films. There`s always something different within the commercial format in his choice of scripts. His latest film Kaali, directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, has a new concept at its core. But the way it unfolds is slow and the film looks a bit dated. ...Read full review
Vijay Antony with the reputation of delivering off beat films and this time he has joined hands with female director Kiruthiga Udayanidhi. `Kaali` through its four rural love stories tries to convey the undercurrent themes of the quest for ones roots and the sacrifices of women towards caste abolition. ...Read full review
In Kaali, apart from playing the titular character a doctor who returns to India to find his parents Vijay Antony plays a thief, a church father, and a local village head. He plays these characters in flashback stories so uninventive that you get all restless and itching to jog about for a bit, to avoid the feeling of being stuck. ...Read full review
Bharath also known as Kaali (Vijay Antony), comes to India in search of his biological mother and father after a bad dream disturbs him psychologically. He meets various people during the search for his real father and mother. Who are Kaalis parents and whether they are alive or not, is what Kaali`s plot is all about. ...Read full review