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Kammara Sambhavam

Kammara Sambhavam

14 Apr, 2018
3 hrs 02 mins
14,679 votes
5 5141
4 2423
3 2347
2 1409
1 3335
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Set against the backdrop of World War 2, the film spans over three different phases of the life of the protagonist Kammaran who gets inspired by freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose and joins INA to secure Indian independence from British rule.
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Verdict: Dileep`s Vishu release features amazing moments and visuals. Kammara Sambhavam, Dileep`s magnum opus is a combination of a lot of things - history, fiction, cinema, politics and satire. Written by Murali Gopy and directed by Rathish Ambat, the movie has been produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner Sree Gokulam Movies. It has a []... ...Read full review
ILP, a minor political party, is trying to give itself an image makeover. The members come up with an idea thats extremely unconventional and they also do all that it takes to execute it fool-proof. How far does it help, ultimately? ...Read full review
Kammaran Nambiar is the senior most member of a party named ILP, which doesn`t have much power now. A group of Liquor barons decide to make a film based on the life of Kammaran for various reasons and they rope in a film-maker from Tamil. The events that follow have been narrated in a special manner in Kammara Sambhavam. ...Read full review
Napoleon: History is made up of lies agreed upon... Actor Dileep`s multi-starrer Kammara Sambhavam is all about history and how fabricated sometimes it turns out to be. Directed by debutant Rathish Ambat and written by Murali Gopy, the film has Siddharth, Bobby Simha, Murali Gopy, Namitha Pramod and Swetha Menon other than Dileep. ...Read full review
Rathish Ambat`s directorial debut is one which tells the tale of Kammaran Nambiar (Dileep), who is the senior most member of the Indian Liberation Party (ILP). The movie, scripted by actor Murali Gopi spans different periods of time, starting from the early forties. The movie can`t be branded to a genre as it has politics, contemporary issues, history and elements of a thriller. Starting off on a political note, the movie moves on to the turfs of history and cinema. ...Read full review
Malayalam actor Dileeps Kammara Sambhavam feels like an effort to bring an equilibrium to the present atmosphere in the Indian film industry, where political films, especially biopics on some iconic leaders, have been the flavour of the season. The directorial debut of ad filmmaker Rathish Ambat takes a metaphysical view of history and its role in establishing legacies and making legends. ...Read full review
Kammara is nor true history neither a straightforward and simple story, but the important thing to understand is the concept of fabricated history before watching Kammara Sambhavam. The concept that the whole truth was never recorded in history and that it was often mixed with lies to help people in power to concrete their position and spread their propaganda. The plot of the movie revolves around Kammaran Nambiar, his true story and the story that spread. It is placed in both the pre-independence era and the present and has many legendary freedom fighters intervened in the screenplay. ...Read full review
Directed by Rathish Ambat, this could be termed as historical-fiction. It is a satire of politics, cinema and history obviously. The film that spans across multiple time periods discusses how history is made. But how do people come to trust it? What if history is wrong and we`ve been lied to? ...Read full review
Rathish Ambats Kammara Sambhavam (Kammaras Event, a play on the title of the Kalidasa epic) begins and ends with a quote attributed to Napolon: History is a set of lies agreed upon. Napolon certainly popularised this adage, though he denied coining it but in the context of this film, the (intended?) misattribution may be entirely appropriate. The story is about how history is nothing but a series of lies, and how these lies, over time, become calcified as truth. It sounds like a thesis topic for a philosophy major, but the film, slyly written by Murali Gopy, is pretty entertaining even if it takes a while to get going, and a longer while for the whole picture to come together in our heads. ...Read full review
In the first half of Kammara Sambhavam, a man tells his real history. In the second half, a film director creates an opposite, distorted film out of this story. ...Read full review
The story revolves around Kammaran Nambiar who is known as an independence leader among his natives.The movie will unfold his past which was the period before independence and a period after the independence. ...Read full review
The script of Kammara Sambhavam tries to be a spoof and satire of two things; the current political picture and the glorification or distortion of history in based on true story movies. Its actually a very interesting idea to create a film. But some of the political statements made by this movie are annoying because it feels like a deliberate attempt to feed in certain thoughts in the format of a satire. ...Read full review