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The Lion King

19 Jul, 2019
1 hrs 58 mins
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A revival of the 1994 classic, The Lion King tells the story of Simba, a lion cub who is destined to take his place as king after his father. But a tragedy befalls and Simba is forced out of the kingdom. The movie follows his journey from cub to lion, and how he finds the courage to face who he truly is.
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The greatest visual effects spectacle since Avatar; a monument to Hollywood excess. ...Read full review
Shah Rukh Khan`s son Aryan does a great job as Simba. ...Read full review
The Lion Kings newest version without a shadow of a doubt is a marvel of creative technology. It is the sort of film that parents would like to take their kids to watch over the weekend. ...Read full review
`The Lion King` (2019) is certainly worth a watch for its gorgeous visuals and technical genius and ones catching it in Hindi will have Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan adding their spark. ...Read full review
In The Lion King, the technology Jon Favreau wields has got another update, to deliver every single, wind-blown hair in the beautiful manes of Simba and Mufasa. ...Read full review
Jon Favreau`s aggressively mediocre retelling lacks heart and nuance ...Read full review
Aryan Khan`s Simba a treat, Shah Rukh Khan`s Mufasa endearing only in parts ...Read full review
While it is visually pleasing, director Jon Favreau`s all-new adaption does not carry near as much weight as the original classic. ...Read full review
A cinematic feat and a visual delight but still, not quite the same ...Read full review
I found myself transported to Pride Rock, reliving many of my favorite moments from the earlier film. The chief reason to give this film a chance is to marvel at the sheer artistry at display. ...Read full review