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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
03 Nov, 2017
2 hrs 10 mins
186,495 votes
5 127383
4 43510
3 10736
2 2138
1 2702
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Upon finding himself in a gladiatorial match against the Hulk, his former ally, Thor must fight for survival and to save his people from the ruthless Hela from destroying Asgard.
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Verdict: Thor and Hulk's adventure is a hilarious and a fantastic addition to the franchise. Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed the way we look at movies and movie universes. Never has such a grand plan been set in motion and we are continuously in awe of what they have been trying to achieve. While we []... ...Read full review
It is astounding, frankly, that Thor: Ragnarok got made. Its astounding that presumably thousands of people saw bits and pieces of it during the two odd years they spent in production, and didnt slip into a full-blown, shrieking panic. It is astounding that at no point did the bosses get a bout of cold feet, and hurriedly pull the plug before too many people noticed. ...Read full review
The movie begins with Loki, who we all thought had sacrificed himself to save Thor, but is secretly ruling Asgard. ...Read full review
Surpassing all expectations, Thor: Ragnarok, can easily be credited as the funniest film to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ...Read full review
Thor: Ragnarok is non-stop fun, but that doesn`t sound nearly as fancy or exciting as the film itself. This film is like an explosion of awesomeness, it delivers on the promise every superhero movie subconsciously makes; the promise of taking you back to your childhood. ...Read full review
The moment Thor Ragnarok opens with a close up of Thor suspended somewhere in a cage, staring directly at the camera and delivering a darkly funny monologue, you know youre in for a very different Thor movie. And the moment the camera pans to the left to reveal a fiery demon chilling on a makeshift throne arguing with Thor, youre sure that this is going to be an incredibly entertaining movie. ...Read full review
He might be able to summon lightning from the skies and smite foes with his mighty hammer, but this latest comic-book outing bestows upon Thor an even super-er superpower: a sense of humour. ...Read full review
From the very first look at Marvel`s latest outing, it became apparent that there was something unique about `Thor: Ragnarok`. More vibrant than its two prequels, and combined with a quirky sense of humour, it reunites us with two larger-than-life superheroes - Thor and the Hulk. ...Read full review
They are called comic books for a reason. They`re supposed to be fun, engrossing and of course creative in telling the story of superheroes. In all fairness The Avengers movies always felt like sweeping action epics. ...Read full review
At a crucial point in Thor: Ragnarok, plotting an escape from a bizarre faraway planet, our Asgardian God of Thunder, played by Chris Hemsworth, and two allies debate the possibility of a safe getaway through Devils Anus. ...Read full review
The post-credits sequence in Marvel movies is now its own mini-event. We all excitedly sit through the end credits to see what extras will be revealed. As I waited in Thor: Ragnarok, I started to study the end credits. I was stumped by the gargantuan size of the machinery behind the film the massive teams of visual artists and assorted technicians. ...Read full review
Marvel Studios and DC Comics approach comic book movies very differently, and the finest analogy I found was in an essay that argues how DC positions superheroes like gods: larger than life, philosophically flawed, creatures of hubris too gigantic for ordinary people to comprehend (or to laugh at). ...Read full review