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Ungarala Rambabu

Ungarala Rambabu

15 Sep, 2017
2 hrs 20 mins
3,676 votes
5 853
4 252
3 467
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Ram Babu is a happy-go-lucky person who grew from rags to riches on his own with a token luck favoring him. His fortune takes a turn and he starts incurring losses at business. Ram Babu's mentor suggests him to marry a girl born in a particular zodiac and star to better his condition. He starts searching for his lady luck and finally finds the lucky girl, the one who can change his fortune.

The lady luck happens to work at his own office but she has her own ideas about the man she wants to get involved with or marry. She expects her man for life to surprise her every now and then and make life memorable. In an effort to win over her heart, Ram Babu comes along with the girl to Dubai on a business trip. He tries hard to impress her with lots of surprises, and eventually succeeds. The girl starts showing interest towards him but she puts up a condition of also having to impress her father to make things work.

Ram Babu goes along with the girl to her village in Kerala to meet her parents. The village has its own set of guidelines for human values and value systems, which are quite contrasting to that of the Hero. Will the hero win over her family to marry the heroine or not?
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Verdict: Sunil is back with a bang as Ungarala Rambabu. Ungarala Rambabu starring Sunil and Miya George also has Prakash Raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajiv Kanakala, Raja Ravindra and Venella Kishore in prominent roles. Ungarala Rambabu is written and directed by Kranthi Madhav and produced by Paruchuri Kireeti under the banner United M... ...Read full review
Ram Babu(Sunil) is a rich man who loses everything after his grand fathers death. Left with no choice, he visits Badam Baba(Posani) for some solace. Upon his suggestion, Ram Babu goes to a barren land and starts planting a tree. To his luck, he finds gold biscuits worth 200 crores and he, once again becomes rich. ...Read full review
There are many instances in Telugu film industry where comedians turned into heroes. Some are succeeded impressively and some went back to their own comedian roles and there are some other who ...Read full review
Rambabu (Sunil) is an orphan whose grandfather is a businessman. It`s only when the grandpa dies that Rambabu comes to know that the business has been insolvent. Overnight, the crorepathi turns into a bankrupted bikari. But worry not. The very next day, he chances upon a heist of gold worth Rs. 200 CR and overnight, he is a millionaire once again. ...Read full review
Ranga (Prakash Raj) believes in the communist philosophy. So much so that he disses foreign products and deeply dislikes capitalist consumerism. He is the most respected man of a village in Kerala and when his daughter Miya (Savithri) falls for her boss Rambabu, a flamboyant businessman who runs a successful travel business, Ranga challenges him to prove his worth which Rambabu accepts. ...Read full review
A slew of low-budget movies were released on Friday, among them Ungarala Rambabu, which features comedian turned lead actor Sunil, and Miya George, a debutante Malayali actor. ...Read full review
Rambabu (Sunil), a rich guy, loses all his assets. When he meets Badam Baba (Posani), accidentally, he finds gold biscuits worth Rs 200 cr. Rambabu starts a travel company. A Kerala girl Savitri (Miya) joins his office and she falls in love with him at first sight. Upon knowing his craze for astrology, she sets up a plan that makes Sunil fall in love with her. ...Read full review
Rambabu (Sunil) is a businessman who believes in luck and gemstones. He loves Savitri (Mia) as he believes that she would bring luck to him. Savitri`s father Nayar (Prakash Raj) is a communist leader. He doesn`t believe in riches and practices Swadeshi. He doesn`t like Rambabu at the beginning as he is totally against his principles. How Rambabu impresses Nayar forms rest of the story. ...Read full review